Five Tips to Rock Your Originality

Sometimes it is hard to live original in a world that tells you to try to fit the mold. We need to look like this, wear this size, act like this, blog this way, share on all the social media but don’t be on it too much, buy new clothes but don’t have too many clothes, be kind, work hard, make dinner every night AND keep your house clean, make time for everyone but don’t be stressed out (make sure you get a good dose of self care), and honestly the list goes on. I know I am not the only one who can get lost in the huge amount “requirements” in my life.

Outdoorsy girls can’t also love make-up and dresses. Smart girls don’t like chick flicks. Girls who eat healthy can’t also eat dessert. Girls should drink wine not beer. And it could go on. Sometimes I feel smack dab in the middle of a personality crisis just because I think my hobbies, passions, desires, and favorites don’t fit the mold. Can I really care about hospitality yet have dishes in my sink and an un-vacuumed floor?

While at Mardel the other day, I cam across the Live Original line by Saddie Robertson and I fell in love – let your smile change the world! In a world telling you to make to-do lists to reach perfection and to find identity in your labels, I want to encourage you to BE YOU. These are not meant to make you feel less or feel like you have even more to add to your check list. This is to empower you. Your desires, dreams, and quirks all make you, you!

So girls, let’s get ROCKING!

We should know ourselves best –  I mean, we live in our head all the time. Take some time to look at your daily routine. What motivates you? What do you fear/ what makes you stressed out the most? What do you enjoy doing & find life giving? What do you do just because you feel like you “should?” How can you work some of those life giving things into your everyday? What are things you need to sacrifice or let go of because they are not you?

Take some time and think about these things. Start a journal, be aware of it in your everyday life. This is not a ten minute break to self realization, this takes time. Embrace the journey and really take some time to see what is ruling and guiding your life.

All those things you feel like you have to be but are not? Let them go! This is the hardest thing in the world for me because I want to be all the things and work for all the things and just be perfect. Perfection is an unattainable goal and it will only drive you crazy. Do you love to work full time and find a lot of joy in that role? Don’t feel bad that you can’t make a huge dinner every night (and maybe choose to eat out to spend time with family/ friends) and laundry has to wait until the weekend. No one can do it all. Prioritize what you need to do and let go of all those other expectations that you add to yourself.

Also, let go of all those lies. Easier said that done but those lies are only holding you back. You know, those lies that say you are too loud, too fat, too shy, too nerdy, too whatever to be loved or to pursue your dreams. Those lies will only hold you back and keep you captive.

I know it feels like everyone is judging you for who you are not and missing who you really are, but believe me, they are not. A lot of them are struggling with the same standards and lists you are – feeling like they fall short as well. Hold on to the truth that you are valuable and to be created to be uniquely you.

Instead of stressing and worrying about what to do next, enjoy the moment and give others the room to be themselves as well. Laugh often (even at your mistakes) and try new things. We can get so caught up in trying to be perfect that we miss the little joys and moments that makes life worth living. Relax and enjoy!

And seriously stop comparing yourself to others talents & passions (I said this out loud to myself as I was typing this!) I sometimes only look at others to see what I lack, not what I can contribute. We are all created uniquely and have different talents and skills. None of us (not one) can do it all. We were made to work together, to help each other, to fill in the gaps. You have something to offer the world and we need what you can offer. Let the YOU in you shine!

Sometimes it feels like we are the only ones who struggle with our self esteem but (reality check), we all do. One of the best ways that I have learned to recognize and encourage the uniqueness that the Lord made me to be is by pointing out the good things I see in others! It kinda seems backwards, but the more we vocalize and encourage the ones around us, the more we empower those around us to live original, and the more we feel safe and encouraged to be ourselves. Positivity breads positivity.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Groupยฎ and DaySpring, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DayspringSadieRob

How do you Live Original? Have you picked up anything from Saddie Robertson’s new line? How do you ROCK your originality?! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Elizabeth I love the wonderful timing on this post. Thank you for writing it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am so glad that the timing was perfect for you! I love when that happens!

  • These are such great tips!

  • Love this post so much!! I really connected to the section about letting go!

  • Alyssa Ann

    Hi Elizabeth! I’m new to your blog. There is so much truth to this post. I especially love what you said to recognize and encourage the
    uniqueness that God made me is to point out the good
    things I see in others! This totally encourages our friends and the people around us to be unique in their own skin. Thanks for posting!

    • Hello Alyssa! Thanks for taking the time to comment ๐Ÿ™‚ Welcome to the blog! I totally feel more confident when I focus on seeing the good in others (and myself!)

  • Yes, yes, and yes!

  • I absolutely love this Elizabeth. Living original is how we bring our uniqueness to the worldโ€”the gifts and talents the world truly needs. Thanks so much for the inspiration today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amy

    “recognize what you bring to the table” GIRL YES!