Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

LOCATION: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 
DETAILS: Ripped Jean Shorts || Flannel Top (old Gap Men’s, similar) || ONA Camera Bag || Leather Cuff || Chacos

One thing you may or may know about me (I should say us) is that we have a zoo membership. Yes, we pay so that we can go to the zoo whenever we want and no, we don’t have kids. Bruce and I have always been kids at heart since before we even met. Disney runs in our blood, adventure lives in our hearts, and sometimes I think we still hope for that Hogwarts letter to come to the door. We love the fantasy, the real, the magical, and the beautiful. This zoo is unlike any other and running around (faster than all those strollers) to see our favorite animals and go to our favorite places only ends in silly jokes and loads of laughter.

The fact that we are members gives us extra perks throughout the year like this Members Only Night which made us feel pretty legit. We got ready after work and headed up the mountain for dinner, dessert, and up close activities/ enrichment with the animals. I was also pumped out of my mind to see the new Australia exhibit and I had a feeling I would try to take one of the Wallabies home. I didn’t, but I did take pictures, petted a baby one, and told Bruce that it would be my top choice in a pet one day.

As a married couple it is so important to have these shared experiences. The opportunity to get away from home, from other plans, from work, from whatever and just make memories together. They are not always extravagant and most times end up being practically free (that zoo membership pays for itself!) but it is good for our hearts and good for our “us.” – probably also for the Wallaby.

Before I headed out the door, I snapped on my new leather bracelet from Willow Creek Leather. I love the rustic/ dressed up feel it has – you know, totally making me dressed up for our hot date. But really, I am loving it and wear it all the time these days. Since it is Friday and we like giveaways, we are giving you the chance to win one of you own.

xoxo, elizabeth

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I love that bracelet! Jordan and I don't get to the zoo as often as I would like. We have a fantastic elephant exhibit at the OKC zoo that's so fun!

  • Nicole Mangum

    I love zoo's!! We didn't really have a great zoo where I grew up so I love going to zoo's/wild animal exhibits whenever I can!

  • that baby wallaby is SO CUTE! we are members of our zoo too & probably the only ones without kids! 🙂

  • Looove this! We went to the NC Zoo recently, too – but there weren't any wallabies… bummer!

  • Oh my word, that wallaby is adorable. You totally need one as a pet! 😉

  • How cute is this outfit? You look adorable (though that wallaby really does take the cake)!

    Sed Bona

  • That wallaby is the cutest! And I love that leather cuff! After I saw your post and turned to Tyler and asked him where the zoo was!

  • Wallabies are adorable! I love going to the zoo. Your casual summer style looks similar to mine. Except it's too humid here for the flannel.

  • haha! This was just after the rain and kinda cold because it was evening. Here in Colorado we don't have humidity to hold in the heat so we wear lots of layers!

  • Love the cuff! Willow Creek's handbound journal is stunning too. Thanks for sharing!

  • YES! New York has a cool zoo right?!!? In Central Park? Or something… all the characters from Madagascar came from there!

  • Thanks so much!!! But really, he does!

  • They just hop around at ours! They will be in the path or jump Past you! It is so cute!

  • #twins

  • WHat a cool, casual look!

    xo, Michelle Paige

  • The leather braided cuff is so neat! ..maybe I'll have to get one!

  • I love your bracelet! I love chunky ones like that, leather straps and such.

  • So exciting there was a Aussie exhibit! Wallabies are the cutest! I saw one just the other day with his mum and he was the sweetest, tiniest one I'd ever seen! Carly xx

  • Great casual outfit! As an Aussie I love that you have featured a wallaby here. Sooo cute! I host a fashion link up every week and would love you to stop by and join in 🙂

  • Amy

    a members only night at the zoo?!? SOUNDS LIKE PERFECTION!

  • For real!

  • YAY! Thanks 🙂

  • So fun huh?!?!

  • Thanks! I love how classic it is!

  • You are so welcome! Good Luck!

  • Yes! I really want to go sometime. But I also wish there was one right done the road, haha!

  • Sean

    We have li'l ones but we make it a point to have date night at least twice a month. Loving your top!

  • That is so fun and important!

  • How cute! What a unique place to take photos.. one of our fave date night locations!! 🙂 Love that bracelet btw!

  • Alina Conn

    Gorgeous pieces! Your outfit and the night at the zoo are amazing!

  • Thanks so much Alina!

  • Thanks! Yes, so fun!

  • Emily

    Loving the bracelet and outfit. You make me want to go to the zoo, it looks so fun!

  • Kara L

    I absolutely love the bracelet you are wearing! I'd for sure buy one if I win!

  • It is so fun huh?!!?

  • You should!

  • Sarah

    I just recently found a leather bracelet and can't stop wearing it..wish I could remember where I got it! It would love a friend, I'm sure, so thanks for the giveaway!