TOMS Bag Collection

LOCATION: Colorado Springs, CO
DETAILS:  TOMS Woven Leather Crossbody || V- Neck Sweater || Rolled Always Skinny Jeans || Woven Sandals (Old, similar) || Gorgana Axel Necklace & Slate Marble Triangle Studs (Rocksbox. Use code: OAKANDOATSXOXO for first month free!)

We’ve all known TOMS has made shoes for years now. If you are anywhere around my age, you remember TOMS being one of the first companies built off giving with the buy one, give one model. Every pair of TOMS you bought, another pair was donated to a child in need. It is a movement that marks our generation.

We care about the clothes we wear, we care about the conditions they were made in, and we care how the company making money off our purchase is giving back to the world we live in. As time has passed, TOMS has grown and partnered with more organizations as a way to give back. Now they have bags – all kinds of beautiful bags – for a whole new One for One campaign: with every bag you purchase, TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need! Purchases of TOMS Bags helps provide training for skilled birth attendants and birth kits containing items like soap, gloves, gauze, a cord clamp, surgical blade and a clean surface to help a woman safely give birth. Each bag helps save a life.That matters to me and that is something I can get behind!

xoxo, elizabeth

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • This is awesome! I love all the bags, but I think my fav is the multi pattern crossbody. I've always wanted a pairs of Toms shoes (they look so comfy!) but I've never been able to afford a pair. Sometimes I see them on Zulily though, so maybe I'll be able to snag a pair!

  • I got a pair of toms for my birthday a few years ago, and now toms are everywhere, including target! (Just proving that target is, yet again, the best.) way to rock that bag, btw!

  • I love Toms! I wore them in our wedding, and I probably buy one new pair a year. I like their products, and I really love what they stand for. If it is going to a good cause then I am all for paying a little extra when I can. Do you have the brand Newman's Own in your grocery stores? They give their profit to charities which I think is pretty cool.
    Anyway, This is probably my new favorite giving program that Toms does. I didn't realize that is what the bags went towards, and now I really want a bag. lol. Speaking of, the multi-stripe tech backpack and the linen woven wanderer crossbody are two of my faves (but it's really hard to choose).

  • Nicole Mangum

    I love the Coral Canvas crossbody bag. This is an awesome concept from TOMS. I own a pair of their wedge heels and I LOVE them.

  • What a great giveaway! I love the multi-pattern bags. The multi-pattern cross body is probably my favorite!

  • I love the multi pattern bags!

  • i LOVE the Coral Embroidered Canvas Passage Crossbody bag! Adorable and versatile!

  • that is so awesome that they provide resources to help with safe births. that is definitely something worth spending money on! i love the multi patterned bags!

  • Lesley Johnston


  • I've seen all the bigger bags that TOM has made, but I didn't know that they made smaller ones, too. I love this clutch! It's gorgeous!

  • Sean

    Loving the Chili Pattern Embossed Jetset Tablet Sleeve. I do have a pair of Toms. Super cute and comfy! I love this company. That they provide safe water to improve health in Malawi is amazing.

  • Toms + bags = count me in! So fun!

  • Amy Lewis

    I love TOMS and their bags are so cute!

  • Alina Conn

    The Coral Canvas crossbody bag is my favorite. Love that profits go to multiple great causes. I do own a couple of Toms 🙂

  • I like the one featured in this giveaway the best, to be honest! Black and white will go with everything! Never owned a pair of Toms (yet) but would definitely like to!

  • Sarah

    I love the bag you got and the raffia woven crossbody bags the best. I love TOMS…just about the only shoe I have worn for about 5 years now. I wore the blue glitter classics on my wedding day as my "something blue!" Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love Tom's shoes and always buy new ones the minute mine have been worn out! I just love the Charcoal Blocked Canvas Tote! I would use it daily!

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    Gorgeous! I love that Toms bag too! 🙂

  • These are so cute! I love all the ikat prints and tablet sleeve! I own a couple pairs of toms and love the message behind the company.

  • Such a cool bag! I love your shirt also.

  • That bag is amazing! I had no idea toms made other products!

  • I like the jade breeze tote! Super cute. I didn't know that they made bags….good to know!

  • smbrink

    Love the mission behind TOMS! I own a white pair of TOMS that I painted leopard print when I was in college. 🙂 Pretty sure my favorite bag from their collection is this one— so cute!

  • I love TOMS! I definitely have owned several of their shoes in my day. I love their one-for-one shoe program. As for the bags, I love the ones with the vachetta printing on them. Adorbs.

  • I think this one-for-one is amazing! I've always loved TOMS and am so excited about their new adventures. Those bags are so fun! I love all the prints, might have to invest in a new duffel:)

  • Love my toms! The indigo sightseer tote is my favorite!

  • Love my toms! The indigo sightseer tote is my favorite!

  • Planning for Paris

    Love this bag and all that TOMS stands for!!

  • I love the coral crossbody bag! I have owned several pairs of Toms, and I appreciate their mission!

  • Lisa Coomer Queen

    I like the black diamond satchel. Tom's does a lot of good things. I think my favorite is the shoe for shoe program.

  • I love the cause behind this bag! My sister and brother own a ton of TOMS, but I've never personally purchased a pair.

  • Maryna Jedrzejak

    I love this bag!!!!

  • Without a doubt, the Black Woven Leather Postscript Crossbody bag is my fave – so good!!
    And my fave Toms giving back program is the MALAWI Water For People program…
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  • Dale N

    I really like the Multi patterned mix departure duffel. I have never owned a pair of Toms unfortunately.They sound like they are a very generous organization who believes in giving back. I like their safe delivery program.

  • dorcontest

    I really admire the Saffron Ikat Traveler Crossbody. My favorite giving program that Tom works with is the One for ONe. Great idea. I love not tried one of their products yet. … but would love to. DOREEN LAMOUREUX

  • LaurKnotter

    I love the natural raffia woven crossbody. We have a trip coming up soon and a bag like these would be perfect!

  • Raine Dawson

    I love the Olive Waxed Canvas Trekker Messenger as one of my top favorite, the crossbody you look amazing with is a close second. I do own a couple of pairs of Tom's shoes and also bought a sweatshirt from the recent collaboration with Target. I am so excited they're doing a bag line! I think it's wonderful that they opened a factory in Haiti, a country that needs so much. The artist program is great and I like the program for safer births.

  • Maegan Morin


  • Todd Hochman

    the coral crossbody bag is nice but there are so many to choose from its hard to decide…I have owned several pairs of Toms, and I appreciate their mission!

  • Love this bag, I've never owned Toms and I appreciate their eye care donations, but love all that they do. They are very inspirational.

  • pinksuzanne

    I like My favourite giving program is the one which provides safer birth experiences in Haiti. I have not owned any Toms products.

  • Holly E


  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I have never owned a Toms before – I like the

    Teal Beaded Stripe Avalon Clutch and I like that they help new moms and babes <3 xo

  • I'm not usually much of a bag person, but somehow TOMS did it. I LOVE THIS BAG. It's cute and chic but simple. Also the versatility of it may be my favorite thing. I'm already a massive fan of their shoes (I own more than a person should) but now I may be a convert fan of their bags.

  • Debbie Snell

    I love the one showed in the photo. This colour would go with almost any outfit and suitable for almost any occassion. 🙂 I havent owned a Toms before but it looks smart and classy Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Rebecca Pawa

    Im not really a purse or handbag person but the one above is so cool

  • Bettina

    I really like the Black Waxed Canvas Trekker Backpack.
    I have navy Toms and I really love them for summer!

  • Amy

    totally in love with the black raffia crossbody!

  • I love their new handbag collection! So cute! I'm a TOMs lover!

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    Hello! My favorite bag from their new collection is the Multi Pattern Mix Departure Duffel. So cute and useful. I've never owned anything from Tom's before. Thank-you for this generous chance. 🙂

  • Lauren S.

    I LOVE Toms, and I have 3 pairs that I wear most days of the week. My favorite bag might be the Hili Pattern Tablet Sleeve, but I love so many others too!

  • Kiah Geleynse

    I really like the Coral Embroidered Canvas Passage Crossbody. I have been a TOMS lover for a long time. I have small enough feet that I can wear the kids TOMS so that makes things nice.

  • I love their cute new handbags, so fun!

  • Judy Thomas

    I have never owned one.They are lovely.My fave is the

  • rebecca coleman

    I definitely need to start saving my pennies for one of these, the are all gorgeous! I probabably need the mixed fabric seaside hobo. I admit that I have a lot of Toms, maybe 10 pairs. I really love them.

  • Cat Elsby

    What a beautiful bag! And a beautiful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • Jessica Elizabeth Hamilton

    I've never owned any of their stuff but I like the Charcoal Embroidered Canvas Passage Crossbody

  • I love all the cross body multi patterned bags!

  • Gabriela Keeton

    So many to choose from. However, my favorite is the

    Charcoal Logo Canvas Explorer Backpack because I would love to have my hands free to watch my kids while I'm out and about.