Ethical Techy Gear || KANCHA

Last week I opened up a package from Germany made with love. It was my new laptop sleeve and I can tell you, it was not only made with love but made for me to love. From the smell of leather to the bright hand stitched design, I knew my laptop had found a home.
I first learned about KANCHA from a dear friend and now I am SO thrilled to share them with you! Not only are they a company that makes wonderful, hand crafted, hipster techy gear but they are also a company dedicated to being ethical, fair trade, and natural. They bring the art of hand crafted to the everyday consumer! I love this blurb on the about page:

“We make lifestyle accessories for urban nomads. Since we founded our company in 2013 in Berlin, we have been making design products from natural and locally sourced materials in Kyrgyzstan. And we ensure decent working conditions for our craftspeople as well as premium quality and design for our clients. Every product comes with a handmade label personally signed by one of the craftspeople in Kyrgyzstan to allow the client to learn more about the person and the story on our website.”

If you know anything about me you know that my heart is for people. It is for the little things, the real things, the true, authentic, and beautiful things. I am for dreams, passion, creativity and life not at someone else’s expense, but together!

With free world-wide shipping, impeccable quality, and a company you can trust – what else is not to love?


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry