Wheat Cinnamon Rolls

I am not a cook and I am also not really a baker, but I come much closer to baking than cooking. I think I just love the mixing of flours and sugars – something yummy can only come from those beginnings. This year I’ve been making more bread because I finally rearranged my kitchen and put my bread maker in an easy to reach place.

I was eager to pick up this book for my baking adventures and I am super proud of myself because I have already used it three times. This is a BIG deal for me (ask my husband) because I am not a fan of reading rules – which are what cookbooks are. But I think I keep coming back to this one because I love bread and I love that I don’t have to go buy it at the store all the time.

So the other day when Bruce had friend’s over, I whipped out my book to make some good old fashioned cinnamon rolls! I had them growing up but I had no earthly idea how long it took to make these things – I was expecting a can to pop open and I could place them on the over and serve them to those hungry men.

Nope. Those boys went home empty because this dough needed to rise twice…maybe even three times! All I know is that a project I started at 7 o clock Friday night wasn’t finished until 2 o clock Saturday afternoon. The good news is that I made them by scratch, they tasted good, and I went back to the book looking for more.

Bread may take longer than I thought possible, but when you plan around all the rising and such, it is actually super easy and convenient! It also makes me feel more like a homemaker and when I work full time, blog part time, and maintain a pretty social social life, it is good to feel like I accomplish some household things!

Bread Revolution? Great book. I recommend it to anyone who is wanting to try their hand at bread making – even people like me can make great bread!

I received this book as part of the Blogging for Books program. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own!

Do you make cinnamon rolls from scratch? What recipe do you use? Have you ever started a project that was bigger (slash longer) than you realized? Please tell me I am not the only one who forgets that bread takes so long to make! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I didn't know that cinnamon roll dough needed to rise twice before you baked them either. Glad I found out before I tried to bake a batch myself.

  • I love baking! I am not the best, and things definitely don't always turn out looking that great, but I still love it. You're right it does make you feel like a homemaker, and it makes the house smell great!
    Theses cinnamon rolls look awesome! I wish I could eat them myself!

  • Amy

    i need them.
    now. πŸ™‚

  • these look amazing and i LOVE, love that bowl!!!

  • I love bread and I LOVE cinnamon rolls aka this is the best post. I'm for sure making these and I'm for sure pretending that they're healthy because they're whole wheat.

  • Love this! It looks so amazing! Nice job!

  • Oh my goodness. These photos are seriously making me drooling right now. These rolls look insanely good! And yes, even though baking is fun and you know that something delicious comes out of this in the end, it can take FOREVER.

    A recipe that took me longer than I anticipated was not a baked good actually, but a Spanish potato tortilla + aioli sauce. I spent HOURS in the kitchen on a Friday night. BUT it was definitely worth as the whole thing was just delicious!

  • I love baking bread! It's super easy, but it just takes so much waiting. Your cinnamon rolls looks delicious!

  • These photos are lovely! My dad used to take my family out for huge cinnamon rolls on the weekend. Those were great times!