Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

One of my favorite places to take out of town guests is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Old Colorado City! Okay, let’s be honest, I love to go there all the time but it is so fun to bring people with me! Old Colorado City simply has a wonderful feel – that mix of history, local shops, and Pike’s Peak towering down the street. On a little corner of Colorado Ave sits a chocolate shop in an old brick building. The smell as you walk by has your mouth watering and the large windows show the chocolates being made by hand. On the weekends someone is even standing outside offering you samples – yes please!
Okay, now some of you are saying “but you don’t like chocolate!” and you would be right. BUT I do love caramel apples and this place has some of the best caramel apples in the WORLD! PS: Megs and I say caramel completely different ways. She is southern and I am not – that will help you read this with a better understanding of our differences!
If you ever find yourself in Old Colorado City, stop here and pick up an apple!! Or if you ever see a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory pop in for a little snack. You will never have a caramel apple like the kind they serve here.

Author: Oak & Oats

  • hahaha. laughing pictures are great.
    p.s. i ALMOST posted this today! i made a last minute decision and did garden of the gods gourmet instead! how funny is that? so funny. that's what it is. 😉

  • Lacey Jones

    These pictures are adorable! Looks like y'all had lots of fun! 🙂

  • Those caramel apples look delicious. They were one of my favorite treats as a kid, but I've kinda forgotten about them as an adult. Thanks for reminding me…I think I need to get one today. haha.


  • You're so evil to be tempting my pregnant belly. 😉

  • Absolutely love this place. Haven't been in a while because we don't have one near Denton where we live! I love taking out of town friends to Beth Marie's ice cream. It's an old fashioned ice cream shoppe that makes everything homemade! Mmm it's so quaint and yummy 🙂

  • Those caramel apples look so amazing! Amazeballs! We need to find a place like this in Burbank! I'm sure we have something like this… Currenlty one of our favorite places to take out of town guests in Rocket Fizz. It's a soda and candy shop.

  • That apple looks delicious! We are still discovering our town here in Illinois, but I can't wait until we move to Colorado Springs in a couple of years!

  • Amy

    I. want. to. eat. the. entire. thing. (and then like 5 more haha)

  • I know! That is because no one wants to bite into a messy apple but they cut it for you here! YUM.

  • We were, but we have always wanted to live there!

  • Ahhh! Yes come visit! And we'll go crazy around Burbank! And we'll go on a Warner Brother Tour because they are amazeballs!

  • Will we get to see that Animaniacs running around?! I always loved their show! 😉