Stitch Fix: My Sister’s Turn!

meet my little sister Sarah! she is the youngest of the girls, the only introvert in the family, creative, expressive, beautiful, and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! with all my blogging and talking about Stitch Fix, she signed up for her first box and i just HAD to share with you what she got!!

REASON #5403 I LOVE STITCH FIX: they are so great at perfectly “getting” so many styles and so many people. it really is like your own personal stylist. you have seen how Stitch Fix time and again has perfectly matched my style but how do they deal with an artist with an edgy, eclectic style? they score! for real, this only makes me love Stitch Fix more.

the jeans, sweater, and vest are all the three things she kept from her first box and she already signed up for her next one in May! as a college student, she loves that the box can get mailed straight to her dorm and she does not have to worry about borrowing a car to go into town. Stitch Fix is great for college students, busy moms, ladies who work full time, people who don’t like to shop, and the list goes on! 
if you have been holding back because you were unsure if Stitch Fix could really get your style, i say go for it! talented people work there and love what they do. if you need more convincing, check out my post from last week (the real deal about Stitch Fix). questions? comments? 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry