true beauty

i love this print from Lindsay Letters because i think it is such an important reminder. i have talked about it on this space before here and here but sometimes i forget what beauty is. i need to be reminded. on mornings when i roll myself out of bed and spray some hairspray in the air and call it good. i need this truth when i run down the sidewalk attempting to hold onto all my papers, my coffee mug, and my giant bag and i glace a peek at my frazzled self in the store window. i need this when i can see every pimple. every wrinkle. every stretch mark. every scar. every bump, dent, curve. yes, i need to remember that beauty is not defined by the way i look on the outside.

but i also need to remember it comes from the inside. that a smile glanced toward a stranger (even when I am running late) can mean so much. and picking up coffee for your coworkers shines brighter than extra eyeliner. and being patient in line at a store & with the cashier is more beautiful than the new sweater dress you are checking out with at Target. our inner beauty needs to be nurtured, cleaned, and kept. what is the point of washing our face if we don’t wash our hearts? could outward looks ever cover up what is on the inside?

“keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flows the springs of life” – proverbs 4:23
today when you get ready for work, school, errands, life don’t skip your heart. when you stand in front of the mirror today look deeper. you are beautiful. you were created that way. you have the choice to let that beauty show or to neglect it. choose beauty today. choose life. 
how do you define true beauty? 
i would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and insight below! let’s start a conversation!

Author: Oak & Oats

  • lifebeginswithj

    funny thing is, i was actually going to do a post about beauty today and how everyone has such a different perspective about what beauty really means. i love how you emphasized beauty being on the inside.
    i also love people who find the beauty in the simplest things. such as a bright leaf on the sidewalk, or a dog playing with a frisbee or even a sudden bright colored front door you notice while walking down the street. there is so much beauty in this world that i think so many people take for granted and just rush past. if more people took the time to really embrace the simple beautiful things around them our world would be a much different place.

  • Megan McIlvaine

    i want all of her prints. sigh.

    your words are beautiful, beth. it is SO easy for me to focus on the external, the flaws, and the things i don't deem beautiful about myself. i need to be cultivating my inner beauty, my heart, and my relationship with Jesus. because in the light of eternity, it's the inner beauty that really matters. love you.

  • Chelsea

    This is beautiful!

  • Love the print and your post to go with it. It is such an important reminder.

  • Robyn Black

    love this post! i think i need this reminder every day! sometimes when i see everyone looking so cute in their outfits & their gorgeous hair i think i have to look a certain way or wear certain things…but i often forget my attitude,heart,motivation is so much more important. and people certainly remember kind words & kind acts over what cute shirt you're wearing! it's like that quote "people may not remember what you say, but they remember how you made them feel" i always try to think about that…so i guess we could say "people may not remember what you look like/what you wore, but they remember how kind you are to them" or something. (i'm a quote nerd)
    that Bible verse is one of my top 5 favorite verses too! i can tell when i have a crappy attitude and it's mostly when i am focusing on myself instead of the Lord or other people. true beauty is a heart that persues the Lord, a life that serves others, and a mouth that always speaks love & encouragement!

  • I love this post! And that print is gorgeous! Totally agree with everything you said.

  • Great insight and thoughts on beauty! Totally agree. Love Robyn's insight too – "people won't always remember how you looked, but they will remember how you made them feel" – good stuff!

  • Darcy

    This is a beautiful qoute. I love it. I love the bible verse, especially :).

  • Kiki

    LOVE this. During a lunch break last week, I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror and couldn't believe how frazzled I looked and how unbeautiful I felt. Thank you so much for the sweet reminder that beauty really does come within and that we can share beauty with others through our words and actions. 🙂 LOVED this post, my friend!

  • so true!!! there is so much beauty in the world but we get so distracted sometimes we miss it!

  • mmm. in light of eternity!

  • i am glad you were encouraged!

  • let's foster inner beauty together 🙂

  • thanks lady 🙂

  • I know! I SO love Robyn's comment!

  • me too. it is one of my all time favorites.

  • oh frazzled life 🙂 it is so easy for moment like that to ruin our attitudes and our day and then our actions are also no longer the most beautiful of them all. when we glow on the inside, that reflects to our outside!

  • This post is so wonderful, dear. Just what I needed!

  • Sarah

    fantastic post! Totally needed this.

  • I am glad you were blessed by it!

  • 🙂 it is so great to hear that!