game day

I LOVE FOOTBALL! one of the biggest reasons i am so giddy about the fall is because football is back. i love game nights, team spirit, yelling at the TV, snacks, laughter… i love it all. i am particularly happy this fall because the Broncos are 3-0 !! i know that seven other teams are in the same position but it is so exciting to be off to such a thrilling start! 
i am working on building up my Broncos outfits – this one is super cute & comfy but for a Monday night game, i had to come home from work and then change into this. i need to find some work friendly gear AS WELL AS some gear that is ready for the crisp air (need some great blue & orange cardigans!) i am also always considering a ball cap even though i never wear hats (and i am slightly nervous to try and pull on off). 
jeans – american eagle
broncos shirt – old navy
julia roberts giant sunglasses – anthropologie
now go to your local (or online) Old Navy and look for some cute & classic sports shirts. cheer your team on and look great doing it! make the most of football season! XOXO

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Megan McIlvaine

    you are so cute and stylin' in your julia roberts giant sunglasses 😉 GO BRONCOS!!!

  • Really cute outfit. I really wish I was into sports more but I'm not. When soccer seasons comes my husband can trust that he'll have food for a party but that's about it lol.

  • that is so cute! i'm in need of a few cute cowboys shirts…i figure if i'm going to play the supportive wife and watch the games with my husband, i might as well look the part!

  • so cute! your excitment for football season seriously shines through these photos!

  • Cute! I love the casual sporty look!

  • thanks lady for being on my team 🙂

  • haah! so fun! that's okay. i am the one who makes my husband watch the games with me! lol

  • yeah! you're cute. old navy and victoria secret always have some fun sports clothes (better than the uni-sex Tshirts).

  • haha! thanks girl!

  • thanks. me too. i am all about jeans and a tee!

  • Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    you're so cute 🙂 your smile just always makes me smile!

  • Susannah

    You are far too cute!!! You make me want to watch football. 😉

  • Kristyn! you are the sweetest!

  • Megan McIlvaine

    gurrrrrrrl, i'm always on your team 😉