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during my time in norway there was one coffee shop i kept coming back to again and again. in the short time that i was in Norway, i visited this little local coffee shop five times & my heart was captured. Larsen is a lovely coffee shop in the Norwegian town of Hamar.  it is run by the friendliest and most beautiful Norwegian ladies who wished me luck on my journey home and made me promise to come back. they know the locals and stir up conversation with new faces. it is one of the most enchanting places to be. 
we even ended up giggling over vanilla lattes and taking photos with friendly strangers just moments before Laken walked down the isle. this place just has the heart of a coffee shop. and it looks like anthropologie so that is always a plus! promise me that if you find yourself in Hamar, Norway you will pop into Larsen and experience the magic yourself! you won’t regret it! and yes, in an attempt to take the dream back home with me i bought one of the beautiful handleless glass mugs – best souvenir ever.
do you have coffee shop crushes as well?!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • That's so fun that you went there on the wedding day as well! Here in Adelaide, Australia coffee shops and cafes are really starting to take off now (oh boy, we are so behind everywhere else!). My favourite is a place called "The Loose Caboose"…not only is the name awesome, but so is the location (in an old train station), the food and the decor. It's so popular you have to line up some mornings to get in…eek!

  • You took some great pictures!

  • That coffee shop looks like it was filled with a whole lotta love! That's one thing I love about a good welcoming cafe – so many amazing conversations and giggles can bloom there πŸ˜‰

  • Amy

    I LOVE IT!
    So fresh and fancy.
    I love coffee shops, seriously. Unfortunately the only really good ones are located downtown for me (20 minutes away) and parking blows. SO normally we make coffee at home, but i love visiting new places and seeing creative things!

  • How absolutely adorable! I love that your friend went there in her wedding dress! She was gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  • That is the cutest little coffee shop! And that bride! Gorgeous!

  • I love that coffee shop, so cute! I love that you went there on her actual wedding day, her flower crown is darling!