you & me: the little details

i sit here in my bed
watching the minutes slip away & knowing that i should be sleeping by now.
these last couple days have been draining
filled with excitement & joy 
as well as hardships

working overtime so that i can go on a honeymoon
ironing out the messy wrinkles that come with buying a home
trusting & waiting 
hoping & praying to close on our house before our wedding date
and all in all
just praying that all the wedding plans i threw in the air
fall perfectly in place
thank you jordan grace for the little details
at the end of the day – i am marrying my best friend
& now we come in paper doll form!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • AMAZING! You look great as a paper doll.

    You are in my prayers, lady. I remember those last few weeks leading up to the wedding. They were crazy and stressful and fast and slow and everything in between.

    I have no suggestions, only that your big day will be here before you even know it, so get frickin excited (as I'm sure you already are, clearly).

  • Very cute! Cool and peculiar idea for the wedding invitation. Seeing DIY-ideas in invitations, favors or in other wedding supplies make me smile. πŸ™‚