Oak + Oats is a gathering space for the everyday lady, the creatives, and the dreamers.

Welcome to my living room! Okay, well obviously this is not my living room because my living room is like 200 square feet and there is no way we would all fit but this place is the second best place. Here we gather around the room five times a week for good ol’ life talks! Within these pages and these chats, my hope is that you find encouragement, inspiration, hope, appreciation, and are empowered to run after your dreams and to press into the people around you.
I’m Elizabeth ( it is so great to meet you) and I am the girl who writes in this space. I’m passionate about people, being a champion of dreams, and looking for opportunities to encourage! I am a normal girl just like you with dreams, dishes in the sink, weekend adventures, long to do lists, hard days at work, and dinner parties with friends. This life is filled with so many everyday moments – it is easy to take them for granted and/or only focus on the hard things. Here we are forgiven by grace, thankful for new mercies every morning, and on the search for the joy & the beauty in the everyday!
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