DIY Mini Easter Baskets

DIY Mini Easter BasketsThis post has been sponsored by MARS, Inc. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love the idea of making Easter Baskets. I remember when I was a kid and I would crawl to the end of my bed on Easter and slowly stick my head over the edge to see if my basket was there. It always was. Filled with chocolates, treats, and a little gift. We never believed in the Easter bunny but it was still just as magical to get a gift from my parents in the morning and head off to church with a little sugar in our steps. My mom made Easter Baskets for us and herself until we left for college. And then in college she sent me one and then just started sending a card with cash when she realized how much it was to ship a basket ๐Ÿ˜‰

There is something about being recognized that really uplifts your spirits and lasts for a long time. My mom always was intentional to curate each Easter basket for her four kids – none of us ever had the exact same ones. She would put more or less of a certain candy and pick out a movie or gift that she knew we would like. And in college it always came with a note. “I know you.”

Bruce and I are five Easters in and we don’t have any kiddos yet for me to continue the tradition. I have made us a couple baskets but I by far am more into the whole tradition thing, Bruce would just take candy in a bowl on the coffee table ๐Ÿ˜‰ So this year I came up with the idea to do something a little different. Instead of creating one, big, over-the-top Easter basket, I wanted to create a bunch of smaller baskets to take to neighbors & friends.

I went to King Soopers after all the Valentine’s decor officially disappeared and was replaced by Easter. I loaded up on mini Easter baskets, DOVEยฎ Chocolate, Easter Basket filler, and fun cookie cutters (they were just too cute too turn away!) Plus, I picked up some of the best little succulents to include in the baskets – you know me and mini succulents #havetohavethem.


  • DOVEยฎ Chocolates (because if you are going to make an Easter Basket, make it with the good stuff!)
  • DOVEยฎ Chocolate Bunny (because Bunnies are festive and iconic!)
  • Mini Easter Baskets (like 6 inches wide max)
  • Basket filler
  • Something fun (like festive cookie cutters)
  • Something personal (I picked the mini succulents!)
  • A Note!

You can find all of this at King Soopers which makes it magical for cutting down on errands! You can just pick everything up with your groceries (YESSSSS!) Find your local Kroger here.


  1. Separate items between baskets.
  2. Fill baskets!
  3. Write a personal note.

DIY Mini Easter Baskets DIY Mini Easter Baskets DIY Mini Easter Baskets DIY Mini Easter Baskets DIY Mini Easter Baskets DIY Mini Easter BasketsDIY Mini Easter Baskets DIY Mini Easter Baskets


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • How cute are those baskets!!! You styled them so well! I have always gotten an Easter basket since I was a little kid. My mom used to buy us really nice presents and put them inside of them and then plan a fun Easter Egg Hunt. I continued on the tradition and made a basket for my boyfriend last Easter. That reminds me… I need to start working on his basket this year ASAP! -Katie

    • Oak & Oats

      Thanks so much Katie!! You should make some this year!