Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers 2016

Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers 2016

Stocking Stuffing has always been a family tradition and a favorite of mine. When we got old enough, we started all stuffing the stockings. Each year we were in charge of picking out something small to put in everyone’s stockings. The tradition has continued (and it sometimes gets a bit out of hand πŸ˜‰ ) as we all shop for our stocking stuffers. As we grew up and our families grew, we started drawing names and only buy a gift for one other person in the family so stocking stuffers are the way we can go a little crazy and give small gifts to everyone!Β I tend to go overboard with stocking stuffers and more times than not I end up overflowing my stockings! Here are so fun things for everyone on your stocking list!

Starwars Socks

Because socks and stockings go hand it hand! Who doesn’t love pulling fun socks out of a giant sock?!

Bike Coasters

I think these are so fun! Perfect for holiday drinks & celebrations!

Blanket Scarf

Give the gift of cozy! Scarfs are so fun to stuff in stockings.

Beard Balm

For those men with beards.

Muppet Christmas Carol

Hands down my favorite version of the Christmas Carol. I love gifting movies on Christmas because you are always inspired to cuddle around the fire and watch them together. This one is aΒ family favorite.

Snake Bite

How fun are these bottle opening key chains?! They are like Swiss army man knives but not. Perfect for the beer drinker.

Neanderthal Slate Necktie

I love stuffing stocking with small clothing items and accessories! Add a fun tie to your man’s stocking!

Vera Bradley Zip ID Card Case

For anyone who needs to remember to carry around their ID!

Snowflake Cookie Cutter Set

This is a fun treat for the baker. Who knows, they may go make you some snowflake cookies that day!

Moccasin Slippers

This is one of those stuffers that I talk about “over flowing” I just put it near the stocking but new slippers are always so fun.

Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers 2016

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Nice! I’m all about the socks, scarves, and slippers for stockings πŸ™‚

    Katie |

    • Oak & Oats

      ME too! Stuff them with the cozy things!

  • I really like these snake bite keychains because I like the idea of function and style meeting up on something as convenient as a key ring. I wear a key ring that is in a similar style but it doesn’t do anything besides hold my keys and make percussive clanging noises as I walk around.


  • A Muppet Christmas Carol! Yes! Any Christmas movie in my stocking and I’m a happy camper! And blanket scarves! All day everyday!