3 Tips for More Personalized Gifts

3 tips for more personalized gifts

It’s always birthday season these days .. and wedding season, and Christmas season, and just because gift giving season! I wanted to share my top three tips for giving personalized gifts in every season!


This is a the most obvious but I think sometimes in the rush and the hustle & bustle, we opt for something easy. Taking the extra day  think about the gift can make all the difference. Think about the person you are giving a gift to, what do the like? What do they talk about? What have the said  “OMG I love that!” to recently? My sister-in-law was talking about how my niece had recently said she wanted a flannel for fall (which BTW is adorable!) So I found one at Old Navy for her! I also included a personalized necklace because she is my little fashionista! Personalized gifts don’t have to be the actual product either! Even money or a gift card can be personal when you make it! I try to pick a gift card for a place I know they have been wanting to spend money at or say what I want the cash to go to like “that new camera you’ve been drooling over!” It shows that you’ve been listening to them and know the things they are passionate about!


When I saw this Doggy Birthday wrapping paper, I knew I wanted it! It would be perfect for my nieces & nephews! Sometimes thinking about going out to get personalized wrapping paper is daunting when you are trying to wrap a gift last minute. I have a box of gift wrap and bags I picked out for several different occasions and types of people at Design Design! It is so convenient to be able to open the box and find what I need – ribbons, pins, tissue paper, wrapping paper, tape, bags, & tags!


Sometimes we save cards only for our long distance friends, but a well written card can make a gift all kinds of personal! I love to let them know why I picked what I did & why I am so excited to give them a gift! It tends to be a lot of goooshy feelings but I think it is important for us to share those feelings sometimes!

What are some of your tips for personalized gifts?

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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Love this! Great tips. I love fun wrapping paper and cards!

    • Oak & Oats

      I know! It is so fun!

  • Such cute ideas! And girl, I LOVE your unique blog layout!

    Xx Taylor

    • Oak & Oats

      Thank you so much Taylor!

  • I love this! Giving gifts can be so fun. Honestly, one of my biggest tricks to getting a personalized gift is trying to think about them in advance. Most of the time I can look at a given month and see who has birthdays upcoming and plan in advance. When I can’t I do similar to what you mentioned in regards to cash/gift cards – think about where I know the person loves to shop or something they’ve been saving towards.

    • Oak & Oats

      Totally! I love having birthdays on my calendar so that I can see them coming!