Instagram Challenge

Last week we announced our “End-of-Summer Instagram Challenge” and we want to invite you to join in! Last week we wanted to see your friendships through your eyes! I love the different angles, lighting, smiles, and moments captured that you have been sharing. Shout out to these four Friendship posts in the #holdersnotfolders hashtag this week. 

This week your challenge is Family! Show us the ones you love and the families in your lives. This hashtag is to create community and to encourage creativity so we want to see you do both! Try to comment on a couple other photos in the hashtag and try to think outside of the box when you capture your photos this week!

Use Natural Lighting. All the time (or at least as much as you can!) I use natural lighting for almost all of my photos because it is the best and is going to give your photo the most brilliant quality. The more natural light you use, the richer and less grainy your photo will be. If you are inside, find a room with a lot of windows, or open up your door to let some light in. Experiment with taking photos in different parts of your home and find you sweet lighting spot. Read more on lighting here. 

Tell a story with your photo, capture the family in your life and what that means to you, share it with us with the hashtag #holdersnotfolders and you could be featured next week! Feel free to download the list of hashtags or pin the photo to remember what the challenge is each week! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry