Instagram Challenge || Family

We’re back with another #holdersnotfolders Instagram challenge and we would love for you to join in! This past week the prompt was family. I loved seeing the photos you snapped and the ways you chose to remember all those little family moments! I also encouraged you to try to use natural light as much as possible and these four photos are proof that natural light is where it is at!

@oakandoats || @lifecouldbeadream || @thecowboyandi || @feliciacloete

This week your challenge is SWEET! This prompt has so much room for personal interpretation! What are the sweet things in your life – literally or figuratively? This hashtag is to create community and to encourage creativity so we want to see you do both! Try to comment on a couple other photos in the hashtag and try to think outside of the box when you capture your photos this week!


Next time you pick up your phone or camera for a photo, think about your Perspective. Perspective plays a large role in the story you tell. It adds depth, provides a new way of seeing things, catches little details, and brings life into your photo. There are four main perspectives – Up, Down, Straight On, and To The Side. READ MORE ON PERSPECTIVE HERE.

Tell a story with your photo, capture the sweetness in your life and what that means to you, share it with us with the hashtag #holdersnotfolders and you could be featured next week! Feel free to download the list of hashtags or pin the photo to remember what the challenge is each week!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry