Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer is here and I’m loving it (even though you may hear me complain about the heat every now and again. Sorry!) One of the best things about summer is the natural color that the sun adds to our skin and the opportunity to wear less make-up! I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin this summer so that I can rock the make up free look more and have a healthier canvas when I do feel like dressing it up! These are the things that I’ve been loving this summer as I take care of my skin and hair so that my time in the sun gives me the vitamin D that I need but doesn’t take a toll on my health! I should mention that this list is condensed. After reading a Rodan and Fields review and trying it out, I should probably make a new post that includes their sunscreen. Not only does it provide sun protection, but I feel like I don’t need to use a moisturizer whenever I use it as well.

My hair is a force to be reckoned with – mostly because my scalp/ hair is constantly dry (Colorado life) but I also get greasy hair like the rest of us. I’ve tried all kinds of hair products but I din’t pick up this pair until my last hair cut when the stylist recommended it to me! I am a huge fan of the invigorating smell but it is also so good for my hair and scalp. The best part is that it leaves my hair feeling light and clean – no product buildup! YAY. So good for keeping my hair nourished, clean, and healthy! Bring on the sun!

Bloke Body is new to me this summer and quickly became a favorite of mine! The Coffee + Sweet Orange scrub is so great for legs, arms, and face! I rub it on in the shower to get rid of those excess skin cells and let the new, fresh skin shine! The hair treatment is perfect for the refresh your dry hair needs when you let it live in the sun all day. The best part about these products is that they are made from all natural ingredients! No weird ingredients and things you cannot pronounce – so important because what we put on our body is also absorbed by our body. You can even pick them up at your local Urban Outfitters.


During the summer, I replace my lotion with sunscreen. It is so important to protect your skin. 15 SPF is recommended if you are going to be outside for a couple hours. I love having it on  so that I am not worried about lunch on the patio, the walk around the park, or all the little things that I do outside during the day. Yes, Vitamin D is good for you and the sun-kissed look is great but getting sun-burnt is not.  Did you know that one of the most popular place for women to get sunburned is the neckline? We don’t always think about what is in direct sunlight for that 45 minute lunch on the balcony. Be prepared and wear sunscreen. You skin will thank you for it.

I work in an office during the week. The summer look I used to easily attain when I was a kid and the years I worked at camp is harder to get these days. I love the way my natural highlights come out in the summer sun so I picked up the Sheer Blonde spray to help the sun bring out those highlights. I just spray it on right after I get out of the shower and let it be. Also, the Sea Salt Spray is the perfect light weight (and wondrously smelling) spray help my curls stay in. You can see my beach waves tutorial here!

I mentioned that I am really trying to take better care of my skin so that I can be more confident in my make up free look. I recently tried out Skin Inc and I am in love with it. The combination of oils and exfoliates work together to bring out the best in your skin. Made without Parabens, Sulfates , and Phthalates, this is something I can feel confident using on my skin. This trio works together to minimize pores, wrinkles, age spots, and other scars to reveal your healthiest skin. You can now pick them up at any Sephora near you!

What are your summer must haves? Do you have beauty products your swear by and love to recommend? What do you find are your summer skin and hair challenges? 


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I use tea tree oil for almost everything! Okay not really, but for many, many things 😛 I've never heard of Bloke Body either, but I love the packaging. Beachy waves are my favorite! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  • Eryn Ivey

    Okay – you've piqued my interest. I saw that Gal Meets Glam used Skin Inc and looked into it. Now you are too! I know it has a heavy price tag – you think it is worth it?

  • Love your picks! Looking forward to trying a few!! Xo

    ig: @StylemeLauren

  • I actually haven't heard of these products. I'm going to have to look in to them!

  • That Bloke stuff looks really neat, I'll have to check it out. I also love Sun Bum, it works so well and just smells amazing!