Rocksbox || Hand Picked & Delivered

Remember when I am 100% in love with everything that comes to my door? That is right. Mail is freaking awesome and packages are even better. I have talked a lot about how Stitch Fix has revolutionized my closet and now I am here to share with you a jewelry box subscription.

BUT HERE IS THE TWIST! You don’t even have to buy them, you can just borrow them! It is perfect for all of you who have jewelry ADD out there and if you fall in love, you can buy it to keep it forever!

Meet Rocksbox. I was nervous at first because as a simple jewelry girl, statement everything overwhelms me. I much prefer button earrings and a delicate necklace. When I opened my box, it was perfect! They pegged me perfectly and I fell in love with everything they sent (seriously, wearing non-stop.) The best part is that the quality is better than any jewelry that I have owned before and the prices are so reasonable.

1. You Sign up & take a Style Profile Survey
2. USE CODE: OakandoatsXOXO for one month FREE to try it out! (after 30 days you can get 50% off!)
3. Wait for your Rocksbox filled with 3 new pieces picked out just for you!!
4. Enjoy them, buy the ones you want, and send the ones back you are bored with. It is just that simple.
5. Share with your friends! With everyone you refer you receive $25 to Rocksbox!

Is this something you would be interested in trying? Make sure you use code: OakandoatsXOXO to try out your first box for free! What style of jewelry are you into? 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • such a great concept and i love these pieces! thanks for sharing… hoping to check this out soon!

  • I would love to subscribe to yet another "box"! I too love mail, I don't even let my husband look at it or open anything, but if i sign up for another subscription, I'm sure he'll lose his mind!

  • You just will have to subscribe him to some boxes!!! Have you heard of loot crate?

  • I've tried that route! He's heard of loot crate, and talks about it a lot, but insists it would be a waste. He's currently trying to rid me of my subscription addictions. I had to let go of Spotify, my life hasn't been the same since!

  • You can get Spotify for free! I've never paid for it and love it.

  • Yes! Make sure you use the code to get a free box before it expires! XOXO

  • The pieces you received are really lovely! I'm terrible at remembering to wear jewelry.

  • HAHA! Me too. That is why I keep it simple!

  • I love this concept, and I love the pieces you received, but it's not for me. I have a huge collection of jewelry, a mix of costume and fine jewelry. I could probably wear a different necklace every day for a month… but I wear jewelry (other than my rings) maybe once a week. It's something I noticed about myself a few years ago, so I haven't bought myself any jewelry since then (but my sweet husband has!).

  • oohme too i love getting post and anything handwritten! So i try to send as many letters as I can. I also found some cupcakes in a jar that you can send in the post which is cute. this box looks lovely!!

  • Yeah! Totally get that. I have a couple that are my go-tos!

  • YES! All the mail!