DIY Iced Coffee

Now that the heat is on (aka Spring, Summer, and Autumn) the desire for a hot cup of coffee to cuddle with in the morning is transitioning to a refreshing, iced coffee to cool you down. My coffee spending money always went up during the summer time because I skipped my morning hot coffee so that I could grab and iced latte in the Starbucks drive-through on my way to work. After a month of that and a look at our bank account, I realized there needed to be a better way.

Iced coffee may be one of the easiest things to make at home but it wasn’t my first thought. I had made my own iced coffee on occasion in the past where I just added ice to my coffee pot brewed drink and it just was watered down and pretty yuck. So when I set out to make it again, I decided to create a strong coffee that would benefit from being watered down a bit. The recipe I use takes 5 minutes tops and can easily use a fresh press instead of cafe VIA. The point is a small about of hot water for maximum concentration – so however you want to achieve that will substitute perfectly!

– 1 package of VIA (or use a french press to brew one cup)
– Ice
– Water
– Rice Milk (Almond or Coconut for a sweeter flavor, regular Milk for thinker feel)

1. Add coffee to cup. Pour boiling water into cup (or french press) to just cover the coffee to let it brew and dissolve. Let sit for 3-5 minutes.
2. Fill with ice.
3. Add cold water to fill up to the top (make sure to leave room for cream)
4. Pour in milk of choice!
5. Enjoy!

Do you make iced coffee at home? How do you do it? I hate to admit that I am addicted to Starbucks VIAs after working in a coffee shop during college but I am all about the convenience! Do you still drink hot coffee in the summer or do you switch over to iced only?

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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Yum! I love an iced coffee in the warmer months – I definitely stick to my hot cup of coffee most days, but every now and then on a hot summer's day, an iced coffee makes such a lovely treat! xo

  • I'm a huge fan of iced coffee…but I'm more of an iced caramel latte kind of girl. πŸ™‚ I love the Starbucks VIAs and used them a lot last summer!

  • Eryn Ivey

    I am an iced latte fanatic during the summer. However, we have our own espresso machine. Another great way is to get some cheese cloth and cold brew! It brews overnight and you'll have it for the entire week!

  • I love iced coffee and iced lattes.
    I have to admit, though I have worked at Starbucks, I don't like Vias, but I know of people who do. I'm just picky.

    But I love making iced coffee and even frappuccinos at home.

    I brew very strong coffee in a drip pot, then chill it in the fridge for about 20ish minutes. I add about 2 Tbs. of my International Delight creamer because I love sweet coffee, and then I do another Tbs or two of regular milk, add ice, and viola! It's beautiful!


    Kristin // The Peculiar Treasure

  • That is EXACTLY what I do at work!!! (when I want a second cup, or my own). In the morning we share our coffee. We brew it the night before with our Keurig – add the sugar and creamer and then put it in the fridge over night. Just add ice at breakfast and it is perf!

  • I've never been much of a coffee drinker, but I have plenty of friends who are. Since I love being a good hostess I always love knowing what methods other coffee drinkers use and enjoy since I never taste-test any of the coffee beverages I make for my friends. This will come in handy this summer!

  • YES! I so agree. Here in Colorado the mornings are still cold enough most days for me to enjoy hot coffee!

  • I know. I'm all about the convenience!

  • I love that! I am just always too impatient/ forget to think ahead! I'll need to try that this summer πŸ™‚

  • I love that! I don't know if I have the time for that some days (I am terrible with mornings/ being to work on time) but I love that! I know – I totally didn't think I would like VIA and then I think I just went all convenience crazy and haven't looked back! HAHA

  • For real. Iced coffee is the best coffee…. at least in the summer!

  • Oh yeah!!! You are so kind to your coffee drinking friends!

  • haha! They do enough working around my own food allergies. It's the least I can do. πŸ˜‰

  • You could always brew the coffee the night before and put it in the fridge. In the morning, just add a couple tablespoons of water and then whatever creamer/ice you want πŸ™‚

  • I love iced coffee, but I rarely make it because I'm always SO TERRIFIED of destroying the cup when I make it. lol!

  • Niken

    gosh, i sip too much coffee at any time in a day. and i looove iced coffee. and i love your glass!

  • because of the hot water and the glass?! yeah. I just always assume it will be fine! hahah.

  • Thanks I love it toooo!

  • This looks so good! I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but whenever I see iced coffee it always looks so good!

  • I should, too. It's literally never happened, but I'm a weenie. πŸ™‚

  • Iced chais are also SO YUM!

  • Chris

    I get so tired of my iced coffee (and tea too) getting watered down that when "the season" really gets going, I make up some coffee and tea ice cubes and use those to chill my drinks without watering them down. Works great too with soda if you put some lemon or lime juice into the trays.

  • This is such a good idea – I'm the exact same way about warmer weather and the Dunkin' Donuts drive through. Their Rocky Road iced coffee is AMAZING.

    The Pioneer Woman did a really good post on cold brew coffee to prep for iced coffee ( ), and I've tried it a few times with good success. I look forward to trying this one too!

  • Oooh fun! I know you can take a longer time to make cold coffee but I am always just trying to get a fast fix πŸ˜‰ haha

  • That is so fun! And you have to label them all so you don't accidentally throw lemon-aid ice in your milk! HAHAH