We’re All Stories in the End

I hope you have already checked out our TriStyle & CO challenge this week because this giveaway is very timely! When I first discovered JordanDene, I was overwhelmed with the amount of wonderful quotes and perfect nerdyness – SO MANY WONDERFUL QUOTES. I am a reader/ story lover if you didn’t already know (AKA why Belle was always my favorite princess #girlcanread.) I had a hard time picking, but I selected one of my favorite Doctor Who quotes in the Colorado approved sweatshirt style – “We’re all stories in the End” – the Doctor 
I believe in the power of story. In every sense. Your story matters. All the ups and downs, the boring days and the adventurous ones, the ugly and the beautiful – your life tells a story and it matters. 
A good story is captivating. A story woven with people, emotions, restoration, redemption, adventure, discovery, and life. So many of my favorite books/ movies plots are just that kind of story – the one that includes us in the suspense, the learning, the discovery, and the hope. Think of The Chronicals of Narnia, Lord of the Rings Trilogy (and the Hobbit,) Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. All stories with imperfect creatures, light & darkness, hope even in the dimmest of times, and connections. 
Without giving too many spoilers away if you haven’t seen Doctor Who and now are really wanting to jump in, this line is spoken by the Doctor several times to one of my favorite companions. It is a reminder that our time is limited. That life in the present will end one day – maybe even more suddenly than you would ever expect and all that is left is out story. So what did you make of it and what mark do you leave? How does the story of your life reflect the things that you value most? 
There are slow parts, there are seasons, there are victories and defeats. But through it all, what are you holding onto? What is the theme of your story. Is it that light always defeats darkness? Is it that hope is something to cling to with confidence? Or are you believing something else?
So many times I hear the phrase “live like you were dying” or any of these seize life quotes and I think MORE. I should be doing more, reading more, thinking more, cleaning more, taking more people to coffee, spending more – MORE MORE MORE. But what if I said it could mean less. 
What if part of leaving a good story was doing less? Stressing less, worrying less, and being less busy. What if you let go of pushing your own story and agenda and finally let the Lord start orchestrating things in your life? What if?
I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I am asking myself all these same questions. What if as I walked into this new year I stepped back from my story? What if instead of trying to push for more and cooler and better, I find contentment in today? What then would my story be?
So here is to the power of story. Here is to today. and here is to less so that I have more. 
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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • This is why Brandon/HONY is one of my favorite photographers ever! His ability to capture people through a photograph and get them to open up and share a tidbit of their story is so inspiring πŸ™‚ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  • Ummm I love this shirt! also I love what you said about doing less. I think that simply living is so much better then busy living. to cherish the moments, simple as they might be, each day and not worry about doing more, that is truly living. thanks for that reminder today!

  • Being content in day to day life is a blessing. One of my favorite quotes is from About Time when he says he is happy with his extraordinary ordinary life!

  • OH my goodness, that movie made me cry my eyes out!!

  • Amy

    i loved this.
    not just the giveaway part – because hellurrr i love their stuff!
    but what you said is so, so true friend! "i believe in the power of story"
    when people ask me what i'm passionate about, after Jesus, i always say "stories". i love hearing peoples stories. <3

  • K I am loving you mug in these pics, so cute!!!

  • "Just make it a good one, eh?" I loooove Doctor Who!

  • Hello Elizabeth – I found you through my BFF, Beth, over at Our New Northern Life, and I am so glad that told me about you. Your words and topics are truly inspiring. Today was just one of those days …. similar to when you go to church even though you might not fully want to ….but then you end up walking away with exactly what you needed. Thank you for this post today. In my 2014 blog post about goals for the year I wanted to take more time to stop and smell the roses in my life (appreciate the little things just as much as the big things) … this reminded me of that. THANK YOU.

  • You look great! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  • Eryn Ivey

    I never thought of looking at it is less. what would my story be with less? I want my life to be full (I mean, who doesnt?!) and to me that many cramming as much in as possible. However, this made me think – I am probably doing "enough." God has opened so many doors for my bf and I this year making finances tight, but of course, I am upset we wont have money to do MORE. Wow, what a lesson you've shared with me today. Thanks!

  • This is beautifully written. It's far too easy to look at other people in the isolated moments we interact and forget that there is so much more about them we don't know. Everyone's story greatly influences who they are and how they act, and remembering that we all have one is really helpful in having an attitude of compassion. Thanks for the reminder!

  • beautifully written and cute shirt! love the quote πŸ™‚

  • I love this quote by the Doctor (he's full of so many good ones) and the sweatshirt looks so cozy! The words you shared are something I've been pondering recently. It's exhausting to always be pushing for more and there is true beauty in less – the journey is in finding the balance.

  • Beth, you have the sweetest heart and I love that you share it with us! I've been feeling the same and I'm so looking forward to the changes of this year. πŸ™‚ Also, that shirt is the greatest! I love the color and quote!

  • That is so great!

  • You are welcome! I think we all need the reminder!

  • I cried in that too!

  • I love that Amy! You are also such a great story teller!

  • Thanks! It is Anthro!

  • AMEN!

  • Jennifer, I am so honored and encouraged to hear this! The Lord is so faithful like that! And I am glad to have you as part of the Oak + Oats community!

  • THanks!

  • Looks like we are processing similar things πŸ™‚

  • You're welcome! And you are so right!

  • Thanks so much!

  • It is exhausting! That is a great word.

  • You are wonderful Sam!

  • Oh, I UGLY cried. It's awful!!

  • Yes, sobbing totally sobbing. Ugliest cry ever. But I seriously love that movie and it's message!!