Top 10 Fun Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is a funny holiday. It is the holiday of extremes. Either you are dating/married to someone and you remind people all day or you are all alone and sad. Either you are super romantic and go all out with limos, and diamonds, and puppies or you post tweets about how dumb Valentine’s day is every hour. Let’ live somewhere in the middle this year because all the extremes are a bit dramatic and unneeded (right?!).
If we take a step back, we can see that Valentine’s day is a fun reason to wear red/pink, spend time with family, friends, people you love, eat candy, and send fun cards – right? Everyone can do that regardless of relationship status! YAY!
I’ll tell you the truth, my sexy man date and I will most likely send each other funny cards with inside jokes, eat Chick-Fil-A, play a board game/ video game, and call it good! So this year don’t let all the “rules” get you down – send a fun card to a fun friend, lover, or family member and be thankful for those who are in your life! Today I want to share with you my Top 10 Fun cards for Valentine’s Day!
Man, nothing like Ron Swanson love. This card will melt the heart of any Park’s and Rec fan – especially my friend Laura who is in love with Ron in general.
True story, my legs are currently unshaven. It is winter and I live in Colorado. Also, saving your legs is hard work. Hard work my friends.
This is hilarious. I have most definitely turned shark like with hugs and kisses before – just ask my husband. It is so loud and in your face that it is just so sweet.


I see this card and think of three things, 1. My husband’s childhood 2. Link is the same name as the guy in Hair Spray – my childhood 3. Speed Runs (if you don’t know what that is, I am nerdier than you). Also, those little health hearts, adorable.


Paperman, one of the cutest Disney animation short films. For the Disney lover and romantic at heart! Here’s looking at you Megan ” I want someone to quit their job just so they can come find me.”


For the Harry Potter fan in your life, nothing like a good pun that involves one of the most good looking men in the series. That is all I need to say.


There is no better way to tell someone you love them than with Pizza. Better yet, give them this card AND order real pizza. Best of both worlds.


Because there is nothing more funny than a Nick Cage Valentine’s Day card. For real, try to think of something. You know that this is heading straight for the fridge!


Doctor Who is a classic. Nothing will make you fall deeper in love with someone than watcing the tear-filled episode of Rose & the Doctor forever parting or the epic love story of Rory & Amy. Turns out that even bad guys fall in love and Dalics can use other words than “Exterminate” – who knew?!
I love this card from the Happy Mail collection. It is blunt and too the point. Just what you need on Valentine’s day. (Here you go husband. This is the card you are getting!)
Which one is your favorite? Do you love some of the same nerdy things that I do? Are you more of a funny card kind of person or sweet card? Who are you sending cards to this year? Choosing 10 of my favorite cards was really hard – check out the rest of them on my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry