The Sunday Post Challenge

When A Beautiful Mess announced their Happy Mail Subscription, I jumped on the opportunity. I am a stationary junkie times a million. I love finding funny cards, cute cards, handmade cards, cards that play little annoying sounds, postcards, cards that you need 2 stamps for… really, ALL THE CARDS! There is something so wonderfully magical about opening a card from the mailbox. A magic I remember from running to the mailbox everyday, scanning the bills, the ads, the checks, the notes, and magazines looking for something not addressed to my parents. Whenever I saw Elizabeth printed on the front of an envelope, I would immediately tear into it. There is nothing like it.

Now that I am old (er) and live in a house with my husband, everything is addressed to us. The thing is, not everything is super fun to open. I love the idea & the charge to fill my friends (and even strangers) mailboxes with happy mail. That one bright envelope among all the bills. The one card filled with words of encouragement, not words of advertisement.

The Happy Mail Subscription delivers a package of cards to you each month. For just $15 a month you get 5- 10 fun cards with some extra goodies to make your packages even more fun! I have been getting them for three weeks now and I highly recommend them! Now I can look through my own card stash when I need to send the perfect card instead of adding another errand on my to-do list (holla!)


So all this got me thinking, we should do a Happy Mail challenge! You don’t need to purchase the subscription to participate in this but you totally can if you want. We can call it the Sunday Post Challenge and every Sunday for the next 9 weeks we send a note on Sunday (that is simple enough!) Each Sunday will have a different prompt (all listed below) to get our brains thinking of others in our lives than our typical mailing list! I’ll remind you via facebook, twitter, and instagram every week what the challenge is and I’ll also be posting every Sunday on instagram because I am doing it with you! Make sure you are following me on instagram so you don’t miss it! I would love to see you gram it #sundaypostchallenge so we can all share the love and encouragement! It will be so fun to see why you picked the person you did and your thoughts behind the challenge!

DAY 1 Feb 1st – Send to a family member.
DAY 2 Feb 8th – Send to a friend who lives in town (and mail it!)
DAY 3 Feb 15th – Send a thank you note to someone who blessed you this week.
DAY 4 Feb 22nd – Send to a high school / childhood friend
DAY 5 March 1st – Send a note to remind someone of a funny moment or inside joke
DAY 6 March 8th – Send a note to someone who inspires you
DAY 7 March 15th – Send a note to a college pal (or from that season in life)
DAY 8 March 22nd – Send a note to someone you never met in real life (be creative!)
DAY 9 March 29th – Send a card overseas (or to the person you know who lives farthest from you)

Do you think that is doable? Me too! That is nine notes that will create that magical feeling to the receiver! And who knows, they may even mail you back! SCORE. I am excited about this because mail is fun, wonderful, special, and beautiful. Let’s bring life back to the mail box!

Do you love to send/ receive mail? Will you be joining our challenge? Do you already have people in mind for some of these prompts? Where do you love to buy cards? Anyone else big fans of the Happy Mail Subscription?!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • this is a really good idea!! if I can remember, I am going to do this! I love sending mail to people and this is a fun way to make it more interesting (and get me to send mail to some people I wouldn't normally send it to)

  • I'm in! Hooray for sending fun snail mail!

  • Sounds like fun, I'm in!!! I'm always picking up fun whimsy cards on trips and such. Then I get home and forget to send them out. πŸ˜‰

  • Such a fun idea!!!

  • I absolutely love this idea! I love both sending and receiving cute snail mail! πŸ™‚

  • I love this challenge! I'm so in! I love sending fun mail/cards to people πŸ™‚

  • I am just adoring this on so many levels! I've already put the dates + prompts in my planner so I don't forget!

  • how fun! definitely doing this!!

  • Kendall Ashley

    What a fun idea! Love it!

  • Love this! I've been sending so many cards lately! Just to say hello mostly, for no reason. It's super fun!

  • Oh man! I am totally in! — I am going to write each week's "assignment" in my planner so I don't forget!

  • This is such a great idea! You're right – there's nothing like seeing a card/letter addressed to you. I get excited even as an adult!

  • Whoop whoop!

  • Love this idea and Happy Mail!
    Writing these dates down right now! πŸ™‚

  • Ashley Collins

    I am doing this! Totally on my goals for 2015! This is awesome!

  • Good luck with the challenge! I wanna try this too!

  • Amy

    yes and yes!
    i love sending snail mail (and receiving, who doesn't haha) so this will be a great challenge to send more!

  • Awesome! I will be joining the fun! Thanks for the idea and challenge!

  • Love love love love! This is so awesome! And I love Happy Mail–I've been subscribed since I found out about it!

  • Oh how fun! Maybe I'll have to pick up some more stationary…

  • Krispy

    Ah, what a cute idea! And I totally get you; there is something magical about getting something nice in the mail. πŸ™‚

  • This is such a cute idea! And gah, I love the pineapple card. I've been thinking about doing the Happy Mail subscription — maybe sometime in the future!

    Sara //

  • Love love love. I'm in. This time last year I left random love notes around my town for people to find and be blessed. I'm all about snail mail.

  • Very cool! I love the coupons and the cheese card!

  • This is such a great thing!! I absolutely love beautiful cards, and I think I'll have to subscribe!!! Plus, I will definitely be joining the challenge. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  • What a great challenge. With my move pending in the next two weeks I have decided I need to send more cards and write more letters. I am totally going to do this.

  • This is such a fun challenge Beth! I need to get my stationary organized so I can start sending some fun snail mail!

  • YAY! I hope you join in! I would love to see you graming!

  • Totally! If you instagram it, use the hashtag #sundaypostchallenge

  • PERFECT! Love that you are in!

  • Totally join in on the challenge and use the hashtag! #sundaypostchallenge

  • YAY!

  • I would love to see what you send πŸ˜‰ Make sure to instagram it! #sundaypostchallenge

  • That is so perfect! Next time you make a new envelope you should totally share it on instagram! #sundaypostchallenge

  • Join us! #sundaypostchallenge

  • I agree πŸ™‚ Share your note with us! #sundaypostchallenge

  • Please join us!

  • Do it! Make sure you use the hashtag! #sundaypostchallenge

  • DO IT! when you do, make sure you use the hashtag! #sundaypostchallenge

  • DO join us! #sundaypostchallenge

  • PERFECT! Also follow me on instagram because I send reminders every saturday! #sundaypostchallenge

  • YA! I am glad you are in!

  • ME too! It is perfect! Join our challenge and share your favorite cards! #sundaypostchallenge

  • Please join us! #sundaypostchallenge

  • YES! It is such a fun thing.

  • I am glad you are joining in. You should use the hashtag #sundaypostchallenge to share your notes if you instagram them!

  • YAY! I am glad you are joining in!

  • I so agree! Please join in! Follow me on instagram to get reminders of the theme and then #sundaypostchallenge your notes!

  • Perfect! PLEASE share with my your notes on instagram! #sundaypostchallenge

  • Please do it! Follow me on for the reminders and use the hastag #sundaypostchallenge too see what others are doing!

  • Please do! #sundaypostchallenge

  • Please do! Don't forget to instagram #sundaypostchallenge