Great Christmas Exchange Link Up

Samantha & I host this great gift giving extravaganza every year because we believe that there is beauty in giving and sacrificing for a stranger. We believe that the act of giving transforms our hearts and changes our attitudes for the Christmas season. Every year packages get lost and a couple people back out of original commitments, but Sam and I are dedicated to making sure you are all valued, loved, and appreciated (please let us know via email if you did not send or receive a gift and would like to chat with us about it). The far majority of gifts that flew over states, traveled in trucks, got sorted in mailrooms, ended up at over 100 of your doors! Doesn’t that excited you?!
Today we have our Link-Up where we want to hear all about the Great Christmas Exchange from your side! We want to hear why you participate in this exchange, what you sent, what you got, and the wonderful friendships and connections you now have! 
I got home from DisneyWorld to a room filled with mail. Most of it were Christmas gifts that I needed to wrap for the holiday, but one of the boxes was a lovely and thoughtful gift from Kindel of Willow White Studios. Starbucks, Mugs, scarves, journal, and hot coco – #spoiled! 
I sent a fun little box to the ever so sweet Ashley Woods. I made it a nice little quiet time package! New journals, pens, coffee, and head phones. Hair Ties from Mane Message and the Ruth study from Life Lived Beautifully. I hope you loved it Ashley! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • The gifts you received are perfect to keep you warm in the winter. It sure is frigid this time of year! Hey for some reason the linkup isn't open or working yet.. just thought I'd give you a heads up in case you didn't realize it πŸ™‚ xo

  • Amy

    the card, the journal, the FLOWER MUG…just stop. i just LOVE IT!
    and i love what you sent too!

  • you are a fabulous gift giver!! also that tea looks yum! I am really into green tea with mint right now!!

  • All fixed! Thanks for letting me know!

  • Thank you for hosting this lovely exchange! It was so much fun. πŸ™‚ Love your gifts and the ones you sent.

  • I'm so glad you liked your package! Stay warm this winter! And hopefully some of these things will help! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you again for hosting this amazing exchange!

  • Thanks again for being such a great organizer and co-host!

  • Mandy

    Loving your quiet time themed gift idea!! I will have to remember that next time. Thanks so much for co-hosting! You guys did great! It was a blast! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for co-hosting this exchange! I enjoyed the opportunity to discover some new blogs.

  • Oh, this is so sweet! I'd love IN for next year, please!!

  • Ah! Love all the goodies you and sent received! Gift giving is the best!

  • Love this exchange, and all the goodies you sent and received! I still haven't received mine, but I got a message at around Xmas time explaining the post office sent it back to my secret partner but that she would try mailing it again

  • I love that you all do this! I seriously need to remember about this so I can budget accordingly next year! πŸ™‚