Rad Dad Tees Giveaway

I discovered Rad Dad Tees as I was browsing my Relevant Magazine at work (don’t worry, it is really part of my job description!) I saw a huge ad for Rad Dad Tees and set down the magazine to google them. I am always drawn to the Fatherhood movement – you see, I work at a local non-profit and every day I am reminded how valuable & important fathers are in the lives of their children. Over my three years there, I’ve seen many fathers step up and too many walk away. I was only on their site for a couple minutes when I read their about page and ordered a shirt:

The word ‘dad’ is different than ‘father’. Father is a technical term. If you have any biological offspring, whether you have a relationship with them or not, you are technically a father. There are billions of fathers in the world, but there are far fewer dads. A father is a man who got a woman pregnant. A dad is a father who is present and involved in their kids’ lives- a guy who takes full responsibility as a man to step up and be the best parent he can be. He is proud of his kids, and proud to be a dad – Celebrate Dadhood!

Before you all start asking if I am pregnant, I am not. The shirt was not for Bruce but I know several Rad Dads that are rocking dadhood and needed a Rad Dad Tee. I gathered some of them together – my brother-in-law Matt and Hanley a dear friend of ours. We made smores, played in the backyard, and I tried to capture these rad dads in action! 
I am thankful for my dad, for my father-in-law, for the countless dads around me who stuck around, invested, loved, cared for, and believed in me. I am thankful for the dads that my friends & family are becoming. Men who seek the Lord, love their wives, and value their families. Men who truly are Rad Dads. 
Celebrate Dadhood with me why don’t you? Send a Rad Dad Tee to the Rad Dad in your life. Encourage him, validate him, forgive him, and inspire him. 

Rad Dad Tees Giveaway
Rad Dad Tees Giveaway

family photo
Rad Dad Tees Giveaway
Rad Dad Tees Giveaway
Rad Dad Tees Giveaway
YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! Two winners will be chosen to receive a Rad Dad Tee

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Rad Dad Tees Giveaway

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Love it, can't wait to check them all out. I've got a great dad, and my husband is the best one around in my opinion. He is such a 'rad dad'


  • I love these! My husband isn't yet a dad, but I would give one to my dad, my brother in law, and both my husband's dad and step dad! – haha confusing, I know!

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    Hi! I do know a "Rad Dad". He's my son and he has a rockin' beard too. lol I'd love to get him the Protector (Lion) shirt. Thanks!!

  • Good luck everyone! I wish you ALL could win, but then my family will starve to death.
    Stay Rad!

  • megan

    I would definitely give it to my husband! πŸ™‚

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I would get the GI DAD tee and give it to my dad! (: i love him

  • Abigail Fennema

    Love the pictures Beth!

  • Thinking my hubbie would love one!

  • whitney

    I love these shirts and love this company. I ordered one during their new style pre-release and it came last week. So excited to give it to the hubs.

  • Jordyn Brazil

    I would absolutely love to give my pops a Rad Dad Tee, because he's the coolest one I know. There's one other super secret guy I can think of, too. The lion shirt rules!

  • Sarah

    My dad is the best, he definitely deserves a rad dad shirt!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ahhh! To cute! I love all these pictures Beth!

  • All the shirts are awesome! I'm having a baby soon, so it would be cool to get one for my husband πŸ™‚

  • I'd get one for my brother and one for my hubby!

  • jessica eapen

    my husband could use one =)

  • It'd have to go to the newest dad in our family — my brother-in-law Joey.

  • Thanks Abby!

  • Alyssa

    This is awesome!! It's so great to see dads getting the recognition they deserve, my husband is definitely a rad dad and would love that lego shirt!

    Congrats on the incoming baby! And thanks for the order! Your husband's gonna be a rad dad.

  • My husband basically wears 3 t-shirts all the time … he is desperately in need of some cool clothes. I would love to give him this as a surprise. He'd totally wear this one all the time.

  • Paige Pierog

    I would give one to my Dad! He is the Raddest Dad I know!

  • Oh! I would be so happy if you win! And if you don't you should totally get some for his Christmas stocking!

  • Rad Dad Till I'm Dead t-shirt is the best! πŸ™‚ Hoping I win!

  • i would give one to my dad for Christmas!

  • YES! I love that!

  • So fun – these are great gifts for new dads!