October Golden Tote

October Golden Tote

Three thing you should know about me: 1. I love mail. 2. I hate shopping. 3. I love style & clothing. So pretty much this means my shopping experiences are almost always online and that is the way I like it. Bonus points go to shops that provide personal stylists who send me clothing they think I will love – um yes! Golden Tote does just that and that bag you see there? It is filled with clothing someone else picked out for my fall wardrobe!

1. Sign up here and create a login so that you can browse the site.

2. Chose between two bag options – the $49 & the $149 bag. The second one comes with significantly more so make sure to see what you want that month!

3. Fill out a questionnaire about your style, sizes, and preferences.

4. Then you get to pick 1 or 2 things from a list for your own bag! I picked the coat & the navy cardigan.

5. A personal stylist picks out the rest of the items and mails them to your door!

6. Try them all on! Golden Tote is an all or nothing deal – so you can keep it all or you can send it all back for a return!

7. If you don’t like one of your items or it is the wrong size, you can go on the Facebook Golden Tote trading group and exchange or sell items: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Goldentotetrades/

PS: It is not a monthly subscription (but it can be.) You can get one month and wait a couple months until your next one!

I signed up for the October bag and I love that they are joining in on Breast Cancer Awareness month and rocking the pink! When it arrived I was so excited to pour through it and see everything that I got. I snapped some photos of the goodies inside but the real experience is watching the unveiling in live action!

October Golden Tote
All of these items are perfect for everyday & work wear. I always love finding universal clothing that is work appropriate! I picked the Printed Anorak Jacket (on the far right) and the Peek A Boo Cardigan (second in on the left) and they were just as wonderful as I had hoped they would be! Everything else was hand picked by Golden Tote. The layers are perfect for Colorado fall and the colors match everything in my closet. Job well done Golden Tote! I have no need to return my bag and I am giddy to add these wonderful pieces into my fall wardrobe! 
October Golden Tote
Golden Tote provided me with a complimentary Golden Tote. The opinions I have shared about the tote are my own and Golden Tote did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I just love this! And that bag is precious to boot! Such a fantastic idea, and I love that all of the clothes are so versatile! What a win-win!

  • I used to love shopping, and I still love clothes. I have just decided that getting a box in the mail and cutting out all that wasted time browsing through tons of items I don't like to find two that I do is totally the way to go! I haven't heard much about Golden Tote, but I love all the pieces you received!

  • Lauren Flowers

    Oh how I LOVE all those shirts. Plus the jacket…so precious! I already do stitch fix but now you are tempting me to try this as well. Thank you for sharing sweet girl!




  • okay all of your bag and box things are making me want to try one so bad!! but I am still scared!! hahaha

  • I love all the things! And I love it when someone else does my shopping for me! 🙂 I may be trying this one out!

  • I don't think I've ever heard of golden tote before! I pretty much love everything that you got and I'm glad you did too!

    Your videos are always super cute. 🙂

  • So fun! While I do actually like shopping (it's fun to go to thrift stores and find bargains in the clearance sections at stores!) I do think it might be fun to try something like this!!! P.S. loved the video!!

  • I love your videos! They are so much fun to watch. It was a great idea to do a video for this post, because it showed the experience of opening the bag. I want to get one, now!

  • What a genius idea! I am so glad I have arrived at your blog, it is just lovely.




  • How fun is that!! What a great idea, I'm a horrible shopper so this would be ideal!!


  • Your video was seriously the cutest thing ever.
    I'm not a big online shopping gal – I feel like my body wears certain items differently – but you have definitely made me a little tempted.

  • Your videos are always the cutest! Totally inspiring me to get my video butt into gear! For reals, I did a test video yesterday!

  • ThatMamaGretchen

    Your'e the cutest! I love everything you got!

  • You are just way too cute. My favorite is the blouse on the far left in the pictures! Absolutely adorable. Way to rock the videos!

  • Well everything that came in that bag is super cute!!

  • You always get such cute stuff! And I love hearing about a new-to-me clothing subscription service because I hate shopping for clothes!

  • These items are super cute and look great on you!

  • Oh, and which price bag did you end up getting, if I can ask? Just trying to gauge how many items come in each approximately.

  • I just loved watching your video of you opening it- so fun! I've never done online shopping for clothes but maybe you've convinced me 😉

  • I am wanting to get my video butt in gear! I am going to spend some time learning more about them this weekend!

  • DO it!

  • I got the $149 – I guess I should have said that! HAHA. It came with 6 items – including that coat!

  • YES! You and me both!

  • Great to know. Thank you!

  • Amy

    hmmmm i'm really interested in this!