Let them know

Remember that movie Pay it Forward? Me too. Mostly I remember crying because the kid dies in the end (spoiler alert) but I love the idea of passing on kindness. I think it is way to easy to think happy thoughts about the people in our lives and whisper prayers of thankfulness but we forget to let them know. When I read this article by Shauna Niequist my heart struck a cord. I find myself being that friend praying for them, thinking about them, talking about them, but not connecting with them.

I have a lot of long distant friends. My best friends in the world are literally all over the world. Of the 10 people who stood with me at my wedding only 3 of them live nearby (two of them being my sisters)! It is crazy. The Lord is so good and has provided me with some wonderful friends here but that does not mean that I don’t miss my other friends like crazy and think about them often.

Being intentional is hard but it is so worth it. Today I challenge you (and me) to let your friends know you love them, you are thankful for them, and you value them. That may be a 2 hour phone call or a 10 minute texting session. But reach out. Here are some quick ideas to get your started!

1. Send Flowers (or bring them some): Sending flowers are a sweet way to fill a room with life. Everytime I pick up a bouquet of flowers from the store or I order some from Fresh Flowers I always think of Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail when Tom Hanks brings her flowers, “I love daisies. Daisies are the friendliest flower!” You can order flowers online in Melbourne from Fresh Flowers OR Google to find a flower shop near your friend!

2. Send Starbucks (or meet for Starbucks): These days you can easily email a Starbucks card to an out of state friend and it is there in time for their afternoon coffee break! If you have a friend in town, shoot them a text and set up a coffee date. They don’t have to take up the whole day but you will be surprised at how much ground you can cover when you are catching up!

3.Send a Note (or give them a call): This is my favorite and I may write too many cards because I just cannot help it! I love this beautiful Minted stationary and think it is great to always have some around your home. Send a little love note to your friends who live far away. Let them know you haven’t forgoten about them and you will always cherish those memories together!

Today’s post is short and sweet but I hope it inspires you to nurture those friendships!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Ive been totally thinking about sending a friend something special in the mail lately, this is just the push i needed!

  • You know how much I love that Shauna article. SO good.
    Also, I seriously almost posted a friendship related post today. No joke. I changed my mind last minute. But seriously, we have the same brain. πŸ˜‰

  • What a great reminder on how to show friends far away that you still care!

  • All the snail mail! Great post Beth! I love your heart for relationships!

  • i love this! all of my best friends are far away, too. i do a lot of handwritten letters but i've actually been thinking lately of sending flowers to my friends just to brighten their days! now i'm gonna have to do it πŸ™‚

  • I love paying it forward. It's one of those things that is good for everyone involved. I tried to start a little movement once but it didn't really catch steam. It's okay though, I really enjoyed doing random acts of kindness, and still do.

    It's amazing what 50 cents at a toll booth or a cup of coffee will do to brighten someone's day.


  • I love this! I have friends all over the country and its so hard being away from each other. Being more intentional about how we communicate is something we can all work on!

  • Love these ideas! I love sending and receiving snail mail!!!!

  • So true!

  • Do it!

  • I hope you do it! That is so fun!

  • Twinkies

  • Thanks! I am not always the best at it but I try to be.

  • Bailey

    I definitely need to send a sweet card to my long-distance friends! I have plenty of long-distance friends thanks to blogging!

  • One of my goals is to start sending more handwritten notes to those I love. I love getting them, so I think it's important to send that feeling forward!