September POPSUGAR Must Have Box

September is so sweet to me. It is the beginning of football season (Go Broncos), cooler temps, Autumn outfits, and pumpkin spice lattes. It was just a bit more sweeter when I saw a bright pink box on my doorstep upon getting home from work – it was my September POPSUGAR Must Have Box! This was my first box so I had no idea what to expect and I giggle with glee as I read the inspiration behind this month’s box because “it is just so me!”
I snapped some photos of the goodies inside but the real experience is watching the unveiling in live action! That’s right! Take some time to see what is inside AND you may even find coupon code for a box of your own! (HINT. HINT)
POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • OMG. Why are you so freakin' adorable? I giggled through this entire thing at all your Beth-isms. Hahaha. Oh man. Ummmmmmmmmm this box is awesome. You got so much stuff! I want to sign up.

  • Yes!!! Go Broncos πŸ™‚ Excited to be in Bronco territory next week!!! Looks like some fun stuff!

  • Girl you are so cute! I love the idea of getting a box of surprises every month. I need to go check them out. Thanks for sharing what you got!

  • Thanks sweet Megs! I decided just to be myself!

  • Yeah! I know. That box was unending!

  • You totally should!

  • K this looks like so much fun!!

  • Right?!?! You should totally take advantage of the coupon code at the end of the video!

  • So I have to ask how did you get so lucky to get one complimentary?

  • Um, so you are the cutest blogger AND vlogger now. Seriously, more vlogs in the future please? And it's funny that you posted you PopSugar box reveal today because I was just talking about subscription boxes and PopSugar with my sister yesterday. They look like sooo much fun! πŸ™‚

  • Allison! I am a member of POPSUGAR Select bloggers and they reached out to me! It was sUUUPER exciting!

  • That is so fun! You girls should take advantage of that coupon code at the end πŸ˜‰

    And THANKS! I totally think I might do more of them. I am getting more comfortable with them and the video software.

  • Vlogs are so much fun!!! As are these monthly boxes! They always come up with the best items. πŸ™‚ Congrats on getting this one FREE.

  • You are just the cutest! This was so fun!

  • "I love people and people love chocolate" <—My favorite line of the whole vlog =D

  • What software did you use, Beth? So darling πŸ™‚

  • is this real life? nicole miller + rifle paper co? definite score. πŸ˜‰

  • Trysmallthings

    Oh I love, love LOVE your video review! Your POPSUGAR box is amazeballs! Going to check it out right now. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks! It is Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum! I am using a free trial from Amazon now. I will probably buy 11 because it is cheaper.

  • I know right! I was thrilled!

  • Thank you, thank you! It was from the heart!

  • Thanks Sam!

  • Eeeps! Thanks! It was packed with so many goodies too!

  • You totally should! I loved everything about it!

  • this box looks like so much fun! (and you're so fun on video!) also, p.s….if you ever decide you don't want that scarf, you know where to find me!

  • Amy

    I LOVED this months box! yayyyy

  • Oh girl! I'll keep you in mind!

  • Did you get one too?!?

  • Amy

    I did! i've been getting them since July and <3 <3 <3 them. i'll continue through december then cut it off at the start of january. i just forgot to post about it haha.

  • That is the coolest thing in the world! You should totally post your October box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    now, you know my love for halloween and all things october. I AM SO EXCITED!

  • Your video is adorable! It made me smile. You are so great on camera! I wish I was more 'videogenic' if that's even a word. Loved this post!

    I only recently started doing the whole video thing on my blog. I'm surprised at how much people like it. You're inspiring me to keep at it!


  • Thank you so much! Good job. Let's inspire us to both keep it up together!