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I love to read. I value learning and personal growth even outside of the classroom. I am also always looking for new non-fiction because I love me some fantasy worlds. I think most of you already know that I have read the Harry Potter series (more than once), Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and all of the Chronicles of Narnia. But I must confess that I am pretty picky – as in I tried to read Twilight and Hunger Games and just couldn’t push through. It was the poor writing and story line of the first that caused me to reject it and same with the second – but the Hunger Games movies are magical! So good job Hollywood.

All that to say, I jumped on the opportunity to check out another trilogy (because we all know three is better than one.) Dark Hope is the first book in the Archangel Prophecies Trilogy and is written by Monica McGurk (Twitter || Facebook || Pinterest ) It is an interesting and intriguing story of a young girls journey and the mixing of spiritual and physical worlds.

Dark Hope is a fitting title for the story as it is the battle between dark and light and deals with some heavy topics that our facing our world right now – specifically Human Sex trafficking. I am very passionate about that topic so I love that this series sheds light on such a terrible relativity facing us today. My hope is that teen readers would become aware of the signs and realities so that they can make the healthiest choices for themselves and protect themselves against victimization.

Personally, this series read much like Twilight but with a better writing style (I am happy to report) but the topics and themes seemed similar. Instead of a human interacting deeply with vampires and werewolves, you are dealing with a human interacting with angels and fallen angels. It continues the good verses evil story line and at times you are confused who is who.

Theology wise, I was constantly googling and looking up things because it is a different experience reading about the Spiritual world. It feels more like reality than fantasy. Not all the theology is Biblical, the author pulled form many stories on angels to educate her on the characters in her book. That was different for me because the books I tend to read about angels and fallen angels are CS Lewis or Frank Pereti which both have Christian and Biblical roots in their stories.

I enjoyed this book and definitely see it’s place in literature even though it does not make it’s way to my list of greats! Since I wasn’t the biggest fan of Twilight, I have to give it 3 out of 5 stars but if you loved Twilight, I am sure you will soak up this series and maybe even gain awareness about Human Trafficking. It covers some really heavy topics (the first chapter is about her child abduction) so I would only recommend it to older and mature readers. If you are a parent, I also recommend being willing to talk over some of the themes that come up in this book with your teens so that they have information and answers to some questions that may come up.

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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Lauren Flowers

    Okay, this book has my attention. I will admit, I love the Twilight series so if this is sort of the same theme then I would love it I'm sure! Thanks for the review sweet girl!!

  • Sarah

    I usually read memoirs, especially about hiking and any type of foodie/cooking themed books. But I love me some Harry Potter! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • jessica church

    I used to love fantasy, but don't really read much of it anymore! I recently read the Tryelle series by Amanda Hocking and loved them tho! Typically I read a lot of non-fiction or historical fiction.

  • Oh, I just added this to my book love pin board. I enjoyed the Twilight and Hunger Games series :). I also loved the Divergent series, have you read them? It's a lot like the Hunger Games.

  • Kendra Castillo

    pooh how exciting I love a good book! I did push through all of the twilight and hunger games so hearing about this book is fantastic!

  • Jess Vartanian

    I love thrillers and fantasy! On book 2 of the Divergant series!

  • Nicole Mangum

    I love historical fiction, but this book sounds intriguing and thought provoking

  • Your mug is so cute! I love fantasy books the most, but I love to skip around different genres to try and expand my world. A heart-breaking and super interesting memoir I read recently is The Witness Wore Red. If you're up for some tough stuff, I think you might be interested in it. 🙂

  • Liz Spangle

    I love these types of book!

  • Oh perfect!!

  • Fun! Who doesn't love HP?!?!

  • Fun!

  • I have not read those ones yet!

  • Enjoy!

  • Thanks! I love me some anthro!

  • I also love historical fiction!

  • you will totally love this!

  • YES! I am sure you will love it!