An Instagram Challenge || Cozy

Welcome to the weekend brave ones and our instagram challenge! Holders Not Folders is a community that Megs & I started of instagramers who grow, stretch, learn, live, share, experience, comfort, and love. The idea behind the name is that we HOLD onto each other and do not FOLD into ourselves. It is choosing community over isolation. We want you to be a part of the community. Get involved in the current instagram challenges we have going on, find new instagramers and bloggers to follower, stretch & grow your phone photography, and reach out.

Last week the challenge was “COZY” and it came just in time for the beginnings of fall. Even though so many of you are drinking frozen drinks in hot hot temperatures, it was so fun to see the little ways you get cozy! The photos were streaming in and as always, it is getting harder and harder to pick my top 9! But here they are, look at those cozy people!

@callienicole7 @kerichaves @christine_farmer
@madisonlynn35 @nclairew @megmcilvaine

Next week Megs & I will be sharing our top favorite #holdersnotfolders instagrams on Saturday and it is going to be the last week for our Summer 2014 challenge! But don’t worry, you can still use the hashtag all the time! This hashtag is about the little things and the big things! We don’t want to miss out on life because we were afraid to reach out!

Catch up on past’s week’s challenges & join us in this week’s!!!

This week’s prompt is “HOME” and it will be ending our summer 2014 challenge. We encourage you to creatively think and try to capture those moments in your life! Think inside, outside, and all around the box. We pray you are challenged, encouraged, inspired, and find new friends to follow on Instagram! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #holdersnotfolders so that we can see your moments and pick our top nine (we also will be picking our top 9 separately so make sure to check both our blogs out each week!)

Now go find those photos, instagram, and make new friends!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I just love everything about this collage of photos from last weeks prompt; it definitely succeeded in making me feel super "cozy"!! πŸ˜› That picture of the book gave me the best idea ever……. start reading one today! Lol, I never have time to…. but today….. I want to make time, because it's something I love to do. Any suggestions?

  • Yay!

  • You totally should! ummm … Harry Potter?!?! Or Narnia. Or one of the books on the top list right now!

  • You have the cutest pics!

  • I LOVE this so much and plan to start using the hashtag as well- if that's ok- it's a simply amazing idea. I am another challenge starts up again soon- I am all about it! Amazing idea. Love your blog- you have a new follower.

  • Thanks so much for your encouraging words! Feel free to use the hashtag whenever you want! We will bring a new challenge back in 2015!