Open Door Traders Giveaway

Raise your hands if you have any babies in your life. Raise your hand if those babies put random crap in their mouths all the time! Yes, because that is what babies do. They chew, naw, gum, suck, and drool. Except it is totally cute because they are little babies! I have rounded up some of my favorite teething toys from Open Door Traders! I love this company because they make wonderful hand-crafted, all-natural, organic teethers! Now, I am not a mom yet but I still think these are some of the coolest things ever. Plus, they double as a really cute toys! 

Today you have the opportunity to win $50 to Open Door Traders to buy anything your little heart desires! To enter, please use the rafflecopter bellow. Winners will be verified so please do not cheat to win. Good Luck!
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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I love simple natural toys! Adorable πŸ™‚

  • YAY! Thanks for posting and for the sweet words! The automotive are for ages 3+ not teethes due to the wheels as possible choking hazards, just wanted to clarify πŸ™‚ All however are finished with our organic wax πŸ™‚ Good luck to everyone who enters! Thanks for the love!

  • Me too! And homemade means so much!

  • ahhh what a fun giveaway!
    If I won, I'd definitely buy a bear and deer teether. They are the absolute cutest!

  • Thanks for saying that! I am obviously not a mom yet who reads entire descriptions of everything πŸ˜‰

  • They are so cute aren't they?!?!? And they don't look terrible lying around on your counter or coffee table!

  • Noticed the same thing on the wheels…
    (paranoid first time mom for the win!)

  • my thoughts exactly!
    There is nothing worse than a house full of tacky baby stuff laying all over the place!

  • I love their jewelry too — I own 3 pairs of their earrings! If I won, I'd get their simple and jeweled necklaces and probably a couple of teethers!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the giveaway! One of my best friends just announced she is pregnant, if I won I think baby would get a teether and I'd get that planter centerpiece!

  • Thanks Andrea! The most bang for your buck there! We love being more than just one thing- home goods, jewelry, and toys- It gives us creative freedom and a broader audience!

  • Trust us- we understand- being a stay at home mom with our first little lady teaches you a thing or two! πŸ™‚

  • πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks ladies!

  • Simplicity is key! Thanks so much!

  • for sure πŸ˜€ or maybe I would have to go for the pour over! It is soooo pretty and I think Josh would really like it!

  • πŸ™‚ Ooo great choices! Planter centerpiece is one of our favorites!

  • These are so cute. I love nifty and unique baby toys like these as opposed to the plastic and florescent junk that threaten to overrun your life (baby girl isn't even HERE yet and there's so much stuff. so much stuff)! I especially love the fox!

  • Girl, you know I could use this! I am loving all those teethers!

  • No babies in my life, but I love their oak stud earrings, their cedar plank earrings and their decorative wood tray!

  • Love the trucks!

  • The Little Beavers Pick-up is sooo cute! So many cute baby toys! πŸ™‚

  • Cathy Van De Casteele

    love the fox teether!

  • piroska

    I would get the wooden necklace with jewel, and the fox teether.

  • ashley

    Teethers for sure. For my 2nd mini me that will be here in Dec!

  • Haley

    Man, I would kind of have a hard time choosing.. I would definitely have to get the fox teether, because we have been calling our boy, our little fox, since before he was born. With the rest of the $50… It would be a close call between the phone charger, or more teethers.

  • Love the wood necklace with jewl and all the teethers

  • I'd get teethers for my precious little man! πŸ™‚

  • I love simple old-schoolish child toys like this! My bestie has a little boy that would love these when he's old enough πŸ™‚ And I found a few little treasures I've got my eye on for me as well! Thanks!

  • Love the cars!

  • jennifer

    Love the trucks!

  • The Roots Necklace for sure!

  • Kara L

    either the decorative tray or single coffee pour over

  • What an awesome business!! I love the little beaver teether!!

  • Sarah Grace

    I really like the landing dock and the desk organizer.