9 Mugs to add to your Collection

I love coffee and I love mugs. Bruce and I were just trying to figure out a new storage solution because the mug thing is getting a little out of hand (we figured one out and I cannot wait to show you!) I wanted to share with you a round-up on some of my favorite mugs because the morning starts better out of a beautiful mug. I think there is a study somewhere that proves that! 
Camera || Cream || Creatively

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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Okay, I have to tell this story – my husband's mom does pottery (and teaches high school art), so when I fell in love with the Anthro mug on the right, he told me not to buy it and said his mom could make a look-a-like. And….she did, complete with the offcentered "h"! It's my all-time favorite mug to eat ice cream out of. Love all your picks!

  • I love all of these. We are mug hoarders and have run out of room for storing them!

  • I also have an over abundance of mugs! I am almost obsessed but then I have my "favorites"! I love everyone of these! and will for sure be putting the muggle cup on my want list!

  • hehe i love the name of your link up! That first mug with the camera is gorgeous! we have so many mugs from thrift stores and Anthropologie but there is nothing better than a giant mug full of hot delicious tea

  • I can't wait to see your mug storage solution because we are definitely running into that problem around here. The anthro initial mugs are always my favorite!

  • I'm in love with my anthro initial mug! i haven't found another mug to take its place for months now, but it might be time to switch things up!

  • I love the Muggles mug! We definitely need a mug storage solution at our house. I may be a little mug crazy too. My favourite mug is a large Minnie one I got on one of Disney trips.

  • that muggle mug is just the best!

  • Can't wait to see what you're doing with your mugs!

  • Ahhh! I love these mugs and I'm so excited to see your mug storage!

  • Oh wow, these are so great! I have a pretty big spot in my heart for a great mug and these are lovely. I especially love the "live creatively" one, it's so gorgeous! I also can't wait to see how you're storing your mugs, I could definitely use some inspiration for my own mug collection!

  • Man, I love all of these. I've wanted the Anthropologie & Harry ones forever! And the 90% cream…couldn't be more perfect! You have great mug taste πŸ™‚

  • Amy

    can I admit that while screening through the mugs I read "don't muggle, just juggle" then I was like wait it doesn't say that…hahahahha also the last one, the grande = <3

  • I"m a big coffee drinker too so I'm always looking for new mugs. I usually try to get one whenever I go on a trip. They work as great souvenirs. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites!

  • Yes! Same here!

  • You are so cool! she needs to make us all some πŸ˜‰

  • I know right! It is so fun and nerdy!

  • I so agree!

  • It involved cheep things from Ikea!

  • I love the new starbucks local mugs! I should collect those too….

  • This is hilar. you should make a mug that says that!

  • We can also write one that says "Don't mingle, just jingle"

  • Right!!!? IT is so pretty too!

  • It involves ikea… SPOILERS

  • Me too! I love sharing them with friends when they come over!

  • The perfect amount of cute and nerdy!

  • I know it! I love having a bunch though so that I can share with people when they come over!

  • πŸ™‚ I need to finish doing it first! HAHA

  • I agree and such an encouraging reminder!

  • We also have a mug problem… we went through recently and got rid of all the mugs without sentimental value… but we still have so many! Anthropologie has the cutest designs!

  • LOVE these mugs! I wish I could buy more mugs, but I've decided to limit myself since I already filled up a cupboard with our mugs… clearly I have a problem.

  • Amy

    ummm yes. can we please start our own little mug company with the weirdest sayings?! πŸ™‚

  • I love the 90% cream mug and the live creatively mug. I have the monogram mug from anthropologie. I can't wait to see how you store your mugs. I have an overflowing collection of city/state Starbucks mugs. We're talking like 30 something mugs. They are very well displayed you can only see like 12 of them and they rest sit behind them on a top shelf of my IKEA expedit in the dining/kitchen area.

  • The pineapple, muggle, and good morning mugs are so cute. I'm not a coffee drinker (yet!) so I only have a mug or two – for hot chocolate in January πŸ˜‰ Although lately, I'm really thinking about starting because I need some serious energy in the mornings. Looking forward to seeing what your idea for mug storage is! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  • I also love tea!!

  • Oh! So fun. I love that!

  • hahah! Who doesn't ?!?!

  • I totally agree!

  • Can't wait to see what you do for mug storage! I need a solution as well..