Party Favor Goody Bags

My little sister’s Bridal Shower was over the weekend and it was a party for sure! Many of you already know that because you saw the instagram of the Raspberry Lemon Cake that I made (yes, I am still swooning over it!!) and you can see my BEAUTIFUL sister showing it off in our front yard here!! Ah, be still my heart! In other news, what would a party be without a party favor! AND since more is always more fun, I went the goody bag route (it is also more mysterious and exciting!)
Bridal Showers are a wonderful American tradition. At the end of the shower our German friend & practically sister said “We don’t have these in Germany but I am making my friends give me one because this was so fun!” – we all have our cultural highlights πŸ˜‰ One of the wonderful things about Bridal Showers is the amount of ladies who gather together intentionally to love on the bride! As Becca was opening her gifts she kept saying ” I am so spoiled” and “I can’t believe you all are stocking my kitchen!” It is a really fun concept to come around a couple and help them become established as they build a home together! And it is weird (I remember) to keep accepting all these gifts from loved ones, family, friends, and even strangers! 
People are generous at Bridal Showers and I wanted them to feel loved, not only with yummy food, great drinks, and fun conversation, but also with a little gift of their own! Creating Party Favors does not need to be hard or expensive! 
Julep Nail Polish
1. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Who is coming to the party? Girls, boys, kids, everyone? Ask yourself what they like or what they would want to find in a goody bag. If this Bridal Shower was co-ed, I would be leaving all the guys out with my choice of items. I would have to go more gender neutral! 
2. KNOW THE PARTY: What kind of party is this? This may seem obvious, but it is very important! It impacts not only continuity for a theme you were going with but it also helps determine the amount you spend on each gift. If it is a party like a Bridal Shower or lingerie party where guest are going to be spending a bit more on a gift than you might want to increase your party favor budget a bit. If the party is a dinner party or get together where gifts are not expected, then you might lower your party favor budget. 
3. PICK OUT THE ITEMS: My advice is,
– pick something big
– pick a couple smaller details
– pick a filler
 If you are making goody bags you do not want it to appear that they are not full but you don’t need to keep picking up big/ expensive items. In my example I picked some Julep nail polish for the big item, the Liberty Shoppe hair ties & Thatch & Thistle goodies for fun details, and filled the bags up with chocolate! 
4. LOOK FOR DEALS: You do not need to go broke creating beautiful goody bags! Thatch & Thistle adds goodies to all return buyers (and boy do I buy from her!!!) and discounts for bulk orders, Julep gives you a free Maven box filled with polish & special coupons and deals as a Maven, and The Liberty Shoppe always sells their hair ties in packages of 4 but I emailed them to see if they could do a custom order of one!
5. FIGURE OUT WRAPPING: It is great to have so many fun things but you need to organize them so that each guest can easily pick one up on their way out.  I used Thatch & Thistle (remember, I am a return buyer!!) and picked out white goody bags and two types of washi tape because I couldn’t make up my mind (this one & this one!)

1. GATHER all the goods
2. PUMP UP the jams or put a show on Netflix
3. PACK and store!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • i love it all and wish i could have been there!! everything looks so beautiful.
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  • Alexa Zurcher

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    I want to come to a party you host, please!! I can't deal with how beautiful and professional looking it all is xx

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