to all the mothers

to all the mothers

i just wanted to stop in this lovely Sunday to wish all the mother’s a very happy day. i pray for rest, for love, for joy, and laughter! mothers are wonderful creatures and really none of us would be here without them! CLICK HERE to see a mother’s day Disney video that makes me tear up every time. i posted it on my mom’s facebook wall and she cried. we love Disney!

we do cards & little gifts for our mothers on mother’s day! they always tell us they do not need anything but giving gifts is one of my favorite things in the world! i also love picking out the perfect cards! for Bruce’s mom we bout the “sorry about my annoying years” from Row House 14 because it is the prefect to mom from son gift! also it is funny because i know he still loves to be the annoying little brother sometimes! for my mom we picked out the “thanks for killing all those spiders” from Julie Ann Art because it is funny and true. i lived in the basement and mom mom killed all my spiders! if she was not home, i put a giant glass over it to trap it so that my mom would smash him when she got home. #idonotkillbugs.

ever since we got married in 2012, i have loved having two mothers! i know there is a lot of mother-in-law hate out there (and i know people have their reasons) but i believe with my whole heart that part of getting married and two become one is loving and respecting where your husband came from. i know there a lot of lines that need to be drawn with different families but i want to encourage you (no matter how hard things may be) to at least acknowledge & love her for giving you your husband. i believe we have been called to love radically and unexpectedly (matthew 5:38-48). it has been easy for me to take Bruce’s mother as my own and that is a huge blessing to me. when i am grown i hope to learn from both my mothers and be a wonderful mother (and mother-in-law) to my kids.

i also know that this day is not easy for everyone. we live in a word where there is pain and aching. this beautiful day can hold so many memories and so many emotions. today i pray for the mom’s who have lost their little ones whether by choice of their own or by outside sources. i pray for those moms who wish they could hold their little ones in their arms again. i pray for the mother’s who chose life for their babies and made adoption plans to give them the best possible life. i pray for strength for them as they wonder how they are celebrating. i pray for those ladies who desire with everything within them to be a mother but the doctors say it is impossible. i pray for the little girl whose mother passed away and she has no one to give her mother’s day craft to after school. i pray for the broken mother/child relationships and i pray for healing.

make sure you hug all the mothers in your life, laugh with joy, call those who live far away, and be aware that today is a day of many feelings & emotions.


Author: Oak & Oats

  • This is so sweet! We often forget about all of the situations out there that make Mother's Day a difficult day sometimes. Also, I really admire how you view your relationship with your mother in law. Thankfully, I get along with my mother in law, she's just another momma to me!

  • Last paragraph. Nailed it! It's hard finding a balance of celebration and remembering sometimes it's not as celebratory for some, but you did a great job putting that to words!

  • Love the clever cards :). I feel lucky to have my mother-in-law too; I've learned so much from her and my mom-they each offer different perspectives.

  • yes! Oh. I love my mother-in-law dearly. I tend to just call her mom but I feel like I need to clarify here on my blog or people get confused 🙂

  • thanks meg 🙂

  • yes! I love having another momma! we are pretty lucky!