here’s to the moms

mother’s day is coming up May 11th! i know moms always say that they just want to spend time with their family for mother’s day but i always think it is fun to surprise mom with a little, heartfelt gift! i also love treating all the moms in my life – my mom, Bruce’s mom, my friends who are moms! here are some of my favorites for this year!!


SURPRISE: have you heard of Julep? they send you a box of beauty goodies to your door! you can pick different boxes that have different beauty styles! each box is $20 but if you use this link to order the first one for your mom (or you) it is free! then you can sign up for another month and give her the gift that keeps giving!

COLOR: i love to add a fun pop of summer color to any outfit! snag one of these floral beauties from Eclectic Joy Shop. use code: HEYMAMA to get 20% off anyone of your favorite scarves for mom.

COFFEE: you know your mom best, but i am sure that many memories of your mom involve holding a cup of tea or coffee. mugs just look great in mom hands. give her the gift of a personalized mug and a bag of her favorite coffee (or a box of her favorite tea)! use code: OAKANDOATS for 25% off of anything at Everyday Summit!

INSPIRATION: grab some prints (or a canvas) from Naptime Diaries and help decorate the walls of your mom’s home with Truth and inspire her daily!

SUMMER: add to her floral statements and give her a necklace. grab something bright and cheery to reminder her that it is summer!

FASHION: have you heard of Stitch Fix? send your mom the gift of fashion! Stitch Fix has gift cards and you can give one to your mom! better yet, you can sit down together and fill out the style profile and get the box on it’s way! how fun for her to be able to shop with you and also have her very own personal stylist. i bet she has never had one before!

ENCOURAGEMENT: send your mom a sweet card thanking her for everything she has done for you. and then give this ebook to that mom (or any mom in your life). it is a quick, encouraging read to remind her what is important in life and live well.

LAUGHTER: does your mom own Frozen yet? has she even seen it? have a movie night and share in a fun, family friendly night! grab her popcorn and fun treats to go along with the movie viewing. (and let’s be honest, the grand kids will love it just as much as mom!)

WORDS: create a custom journal to give to mom from Minted. that way she can write down all her memories, dreams, prayers, and stories in one place. moms LOVE things like that!!

i also have a pinterest board for Mother’s Day where i pin all the wonderful mom things! good luck finding that perfect thing for the moms in your life!!


Author: Oak & Oats

  • great suggestions, thanks dear! my Mom is going to adore the scarf 😉

  • Thanks so much for the ideas! I am currently in find-mom-a-gift mode, and have a feeling these will be very helpful! So many cute things!

  • These are great ideas! My Mom would love a fun accessory to wear like that scarf.

    It's crazy becoming a mother and being on the receiving end. All of a sudden I've begun to understand the desire for just a little more time and affection. I always thought that's what moms had to say because they're moms. Nope, we say it because absolutely NOTHING makes us feel joy like affection from our precious babies (who will never NOT be our babies).

    I haven't put much (or any) emphasis on my mother-in-law for mother's day and I'm ashamed to even admit that, but I just haven't thought of it… That needs to change this year!!

  • Those moms that say that they only want to spend time with their family… LIES! Ha. Maybe it's just me. Probably not. Sometimes the best gift is a $1.50 coffee and time alone!

  • I LOVE Lindsie's mugs from Everyday Summit! They are such a great mother's day gift! These are all great ideas that I will definitely have to be remembering for mother's day!

  • did you get it for her?!

  • fun! yes! I just did that this week 🙂

  • yes! there is so much Mother-in-law angst out there (whether earned or unmerited) but I think we as believers need to be loving to these new moms who raised our favorite man. and treat her as we would our own mother!

  • hahah! I love this!

  • me too! they are so wonderful!