capture that moment

capture that moment
i am a huge fan of instagram. it is hands down my favorite social media. i love it for many reasons, i love looking at pictures, i love double tapping and having a heart pop up on my screen, and i love using it to capture the everyday moments in my life. that last one is really what makes it superior to all the other social media in my book – i can capture that moment. 
i take my phone everywhere. we all do! it is the age of the cell phone. if i do not have my phone near me, it is hard to get a hold of me. there is no home phone for you to call anymore. but i have even taken it overseas and just turned my data off – isn’t crazy how smart phones can connect to the internet and we can text our loved ones without a data plan?! (i use voxer to talk with my European friends!). it is also my always with me camera, directions, imdb info, phonebook, and music player. 
if i think about it too much it is crazy to me – all the technology in one little space. also how our voices travel without wires all the way to the person we are calling! crazy. i just imagine words flying all around me. my engineer husband just laughs at my mind trying to comprehend all this! but that is neither here nor there. my love for instagram started at the beginning and has only grown as i have discovered new people to follow, new photo editing apps, and new ways to print my instagrams. 
have you heard of Origrami? it is my new favorite way to print instagrams! i created a pack of the RetroPrint ($23.95 with free shipping!) and now have them sitting on my coffee table. i love these because not only do you get to print out the picture that you captured but you get all the details on the back too! the date, the caption, the location! i love it because it really is a memory. now i can look back at that fun photo i took of my husband on our date at Old Chicago when they gave him a large mug of beer on accident, or when i was a bridesmaid in Norway and being a tourist at the same time, or when we were moving my brother’s family into a new house and Elsie was picking flowers in their new backyard. i want to hold onto these moments forever and now i will be able to know when, where, and what i wrote forever.  
if you are looking for a fun way to print out some of your favorite moments, i highly recommend looking into Origrami! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Oh this is really cool!

  • Oh, cute! I am always not that interested in the services that print off your snaps because they don't seem very unique, but it sounds like Origami has captured exactly how to transform Instagram shots into tangible things. Thanks for sharing!

  • I LOVE Origrami! The quality is so great and their packaging and extras like the prints on the backs of the photos are awesome! They're my go-to Instagram prints people!

  • i spy a note from jenny highsmith πŸ™‚ i haven't used origrami yet but i have heard of it!! it looks awesome!

  • I've been looking for a new way to print my instagram pictures. so I'll have to check this out! I agree with you – we are in the age of the cell phone and some of the pictures I snap on my iphone/share on instagram turn out to be favorites of mine. They may not be the same quality as a nice camera pic, but they capture those life moments so well!

  • I love this idea! So fun! I love everything about it; the little box, all the details! all of it!

  • Amy

    LOVE this place.
    i love the look/feel of it, and the extra info on the back is really solid! thanks for sharing them with us!

  • Oh this is too fun. I love having pictures printed and I love polaroids. Such a cute idea and fun way to show off an adventure πŸ™‚

  • Yes! You should look into it! I love having these on my coffee table!

  • What a great resource! I'm crazy about Instagram, but haven't attempted to print the pics yet; I'll have to check this out. Thanks for sharing.

  • you should! There are some pretty great ways to print your instagrams out there!