a thankful future self

i found this lovely print from minna may over the weekend and i was captivated by it. captivated by the thought that i can do something today that my future self will thank me for. i can think of many times when my future self didn’t want to thank me – it said “why didn’t i do this yesterday when i had time” OR “i should have done the dishes already now they smell bad” OR “what was i thinking?” OR “why didn’t i study for that test”… the list goes on.

what would it be like to look back and thank myself? i sit here now and i can also think of many times that if i had thought about it, i would thank myself like “i am so glad i finished this project before i left for vacation” OR “i am glad i spent time in the Word this past week” OR “i am glad i decided not to eat that cheese pizza because now my tummy is happy and not gassy (for us lactards)” but i have never intentionally thought this phrase & i am in love with the idea.

what would your life look like if everyday you did something that your future self would be thankful for?
i think you would be more encouraged and enjoy yourself and your time more. now, i am not saying that everyday you need to do all your chores so that tomorrow you have none (unless you want to do that for yourself!), i am saying that each day you should be aware of your actions and attitudes and look toward the impact that will have on the future.
1. EAT HEALTHY & STAY ACTIVE :: this is kind of cliche, but think about it – if you eat healthy today you will feel better tomorrow. if you take the stairs today (and everyday), that beautiful hike you want to take your kids on wont leave you so out of breath. eating right is a day to day thing. IT IS NOT A DIET. you don’t eat healthy for two weeks then eat crap until you need to go on a diet again. you chose that apple over a second bag of chips because you know that your future self will be thankful that you are active and healthy.
2. SPEND TIME IN THE WORD :: i know that i crave Jesus. and times that i make time for a quiet time change the course and attitude of my day. i have mentioned it a couple times on my blog (why breakfast is important & bible reading plans) and i argue that quiet times are one of the most important things we can do. yet we (i) don’t do them daily. wake up 10 minutes earlier and sit on your porch with your coffee, read a verse or a chapter, and pray. you future self will thank you for those 10 minutes. and who knows, you may end up like my father who sits at the coffee table every day at 5:30am and spends a whole hour with Jesus before the rest of the house is up and the day has begun. i know he thanks himself for one day actually making time for it.
3. TIDY-UP A BIT :: when you walk by that coffee mug filled with old, cold coffee – pick it up and take it to the sink. rinse it & through it in the dishwasher. when you are forced to do the dishes because you are all out of things to eat with, you spend so much time scraping old peanut butter off plates and scrubbing coffee stains out of your mugs (and it makes you feel yucky). OR take out the trash before it spills over the top of the trash can OR hang your clothes up when you try them on and don’t want to wear them OR wipe up that toothpaste spill in the sink…a little tidying up today can save your future self from a major cleaning endeavor (which just makes you want to keep putting it off until the “next day”)
4. DREAM :: let yourself escape your stress bubble and just dream. think about your next vacation, find a new hobby to embrace, think about what you want to do with your life and then think about how you can get there. dream about house projects and surprise parties. think about something else besides “getting through the day” i know your future self will thank you for being creative even in the mundane.
5. BE BRAVE :: do something about your dreams! start a savings jar for your dream vacation, enroll in a photography class, open up your etsy shop, try that DIY stripped wall on pinterest. so often our dreams get stuck in the clouds and we never let them actually touch our lives. if you can dream it, you can do it. it might look different than you had first imagined but you never know until you try. let today be that day. and your future self will thank you for it!
what is one thing you are doing today that your future self will thank you for?
what is one thing you have done in the past that you are thankful for?
(this blog is a repost. see my original post here.)

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • EmilyHornburg

    I've actually been thinking about my lack of time in the Word lately. I used to love reading my bible… Idk what happened and why I got out of the habit,

  • i have started and have been sticking to a consistent exercise schedule. i don't exactly love working out, but i do love how i feel about myself afterwards. it just gives you so much more energy. 🙂

    i NEED to do a better job with consistent quiet times. i know my future self would definitely thank me for it. i did actually get up early this morning in time to get in a She Reads Truth lesson. 🙂 it was good for my heart.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with everything you've said here! Especially that quiet time. Mornings are my favorite for that reason, and I really miss it the days I skip. Oh, and being brave and tidying up were some things I needed to hear today, as well! Yay for good posts! Thanks for sharing!

  • I LOVE THIS POST! Quiet time in the Word! I couldn't agree more. We just talked about that at our women's Bible study and I still hold true to what the Bible says about choosing the better part like Mary! However, I still struggle to do it day in and day out. However, I know my future self will thank me for the times I do spend in the Word and prayer. I think something in the past that I'm thankful for is knowing my Bible. I don't say that to brag or be proud but for some reason I have a love of Biblical doctrine! If someone tells me something or if I sit in church and something sounds 'off' I can usually pinpoint why and tell you where in the Bible it says so. =) I think that is also a part of the Spirit leading but knowing your Bible is super helpful.

  • Thank you, thank you! This was so good to read on a Friday

  • I know. Also, how wonderful that it is Friday!

  • I am so glad that you were encouraged! Praying for new mercies, new mornings, and brave adventures!

  • I know. It happens. But is never too late to start over!

  • mmm… me too! I got up today for Nehemiah! Did you too?

  • Thank is so great! I love that you spent time learning the word! IT is so helpful to encourage!

  • Elizabeth, this post was really great! Thanks!

  • you are so welcome!


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