She Reads Truth & Kickstarter

today i am excited to share with you a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this community in a big way. if you have not hear of She Reads Truth, you need to take a minute to head over and see what they have going on over there. just two years ago, it started as a small group of ladies who desired to spend time with the Lord daily. turns out they were not alone. now they are working on a FREE app for iphone & android so that the Word of God and this community of sisters can be at our fingertips!

(and be excited about it!)
1. GOD IS WORKING in this ministry. in just one day of opening the Kickstarter the first goal of $35,000 was reached! that is a big deal people and something that the Lord is obviously moving in! already more than 750+ women have gathered their offerings together. some at $1 and some $5,000 but all valuable in the community!
2. THEY HAVE GREAT SWAG for those who are committed to helping fund the project! for reals! car decals, Naptime Diaries Prints, She Reads Truth T-shirts, journals, coffee mugs, and more! the third level is a great one to do if you can – you get the goods, help create the app for iphone & android, and be included in the virtual conference if we reach our largest goal! 
3. GIVE TO SOMETHING BIGGER. yes, the swag that comes along with the gifts is so fun but even more than that, this is a chance to give toward what the Lord is doing! your financial backing is an investment in what the Lord has planned for She Reads Truth. imagine how many more women can gather together to read the Word! imagine the light, the life, the encouragement, the hope that this will place in ladies lives! watch the video if you haven’t yet (or watch it again!) and get excited about it! 
4. WE STILL HAVE NOT REACHED THE GOAL. $47,477 is a lot of money and according to the kickstarter the goal is reached, however, there are two goals beyond that! $60,000 for the android app and $80,000 for the conference! i know some of you iphoners may be thinking “yes, we made it. we are set!” but there are so many android users who will not be able to experience the app unless more money is raised! let’s gather together for a bigger community of sisters! 
5. WE HAVE GREAT INFLUENCE no matter where we come from or what we do. your monetary contribution no matter how large or small will impact someone else. people will be blessed by this free She Reads Truth app. people will find God in moments of doubt and struggle. the Lord will use this to comfort His children and to inspire them! you will be a part of that! and you can also share this with friends, family, other bloggers! you can increase your gift by spreading the word! 
are you?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry