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i grew up in the same house – for twenty three years of my life i called that place home (SIDE NOTE: i still do and it can get tricky when you are trying to tell people where to go “go to my house… like my parents house… not my house house!” haha) and in that home we had a fireplace. that fireplace was the center of the home. it hung the overflowing stockings at Christmas time, it created hours of entertainment by crumpling up old newspapers to keep the fire going, it held birthday cards, senior pictures, and grandmas old school books, it became “magic” when we converted it to gas and could just turn on the fire, it provided warm light during movies, and it provided de-thawing when we came in from playing in a snowstorm. to this day, i am drawn to it and i always sit on the fireplace ledge. if i wrote a poem about a mantel in a home, i would include this line ” home is were the hearth is…” (see what i did there?!?!)

the mantel holds the stories – it is the center & the heart of a house. now that i live in a home of my own, new stories are being made. my mantel is covered in so many dear things to me, many of them being from some of my favorite etsy shops! this ampersand from The Felt Flower Shop is my newest addition and i couldn’t be more pleased! if you have not seen the shop, you need to! Cole is so very talented!

– “celebrate” banner from The Parcel Post Company
– our wedding invitation framed
– a picture of my bouquet on our wedding day (i LOVED my bouquet!!)
– two Lindsay Letters prints – “be true” and “come thou fount”
– dried flowers that were a gift from some close friends (who we are praying he gets a ministry job in Colorado so we can live close by!)
– a Guinness mug from when my littlest sister studied abroad in Ireland (double special because i did the same program too!)
– “love” carved from manwood
– my favorite wedding picture “now you may kiss the bride” in a frame i DIYd
– an ikea lamp with a jar of scrabble letters (for fun)
– old books we got for free at an estate sale
– a mirror i have carted with me since i can remember

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Author: Oak & Oats

  • We just finally got a bookshelf for our living room that will be doubling as our pretend mantle and I can't wait to start decorating. My mom does the best decorations on her mantle, I love a good mix of photographs and different trinkets.

  • Your mantle is so beautiful! I think having a picture of your bouquet is a great way to remember something that you probably spent quite a bit on money on that eventually died. x

  • I love this!! We're trying so desperately to make our little mantel and bookshelves make our new place look cozy and inviting but I'm having such a hard time with it. You've done a FABULOUS job and I completely love and agree that "home is where the hearth is!."

    Funny story, both my grandparents passed away last year, and the only thing I wanted in from their home was the fake light up log that was in their fireplace. It's pretty cheap looking, and I poked fun at it for years after they picked it up at a flea market one day. Now, I love it. It's on every day, complete was crackling noises. Memories by the mantel are a beautiful thing.

  • When my husband and I move a fireplace is on the must list. I love your mantle and your & symbol! So beautiful!

  • Love the colors!! And those felt flowers too cute! Your mantle makes me smile.
    Side note: Dave made me a faux mantle for a wedding gift. He was young and not super skilled in carpentry but I love it to pieces. It's a bit wobbly after almost 10 years and has survived many moves but I do so love it. It now serves as our headboard but after the move I'm hoping maybe it will be in a focal piece in our living room and then you can come decorate it. (see what I did there?) πŸ™‚

  • Amy

    so cute! i love all of the textures!

  • I, too, love decorating mantels. Even though I'm still at home, I still enjoy helping my mom decorate the one in our family room–it's fun to change it out based on the holidays and seasons! And I also love Handmade Colectibles (you knew that already though!). Her work is outstanding and I've been thinking about giving my mom some for Mother's Day so she can have some on the mantel! πŸ™‚

  • I've never had a fireplace in my home, but I love the look of mantels!

  • I love the framed invitation; wish I had thought of that!

  • i'm always jealous of your lindsay letters swag πŸ™‚
    and love that felted flower ampersand…so cool!