the Disney magic

when bruce & i plan vacations we always add in a little spending money. we are already saving up for the vacation itself, we might as well save another $100 so that we can feel free to buy some souvenirs while we are out there. one of our always purchases is an ornament to document our trip – and then we just have the freedom to each pick something fun.

i got this Micky sweater at DisneyWorld. i really have no idea why they would need to sell sweaters like this in Florida… but i could sure use it in Colorado! Bruce bought legos from the Lego store in Downtown Disney! they have a whole DIY section  and you can fill up a lego mug with lego pieces to craft your own things and you can put together your own people!! i had a lot of fun helping him with that!!

and since we don’t have kids of our own, we love spoiling our nieces and nephews. we picked up some goodies for them while we were at Disney because it is SO fun to have an excuse to buy kid things!! we also go a little crazy with the whole souvenir mug thing… but that is another story!


Author: Oak & Oats

  • haha–great picks for souvenirs! We usually try to bring home something small from each vacation!

  • Thats such a cute sweater! I agree its so fun buying little kids presents and they always get so excited!

  • agodfashionedlife

    The Disney Parks bags sure remind me of working at the Emporium! Such fun times working in the Magic Kingdom!

  • That sweater is adorable!!

  • That sweater is absolutely adorable! Great choice!

  • DISNEY! I can't get enough! LOVE this sweater!!!! PS thought you might want to know that I watched Frozen Sing-Along Monday night and I was a DIVA. Wohooo!

  • You're too cute! That shirt is so fun!

  • Welcome back! It sounds like you really enjoyed your trip. That sweater is the cutest!

  • Tracy O’Neill

    I love souvenir mugs! When I drink my daily tea/coffee I see the mug and have a mini vacation in my mind recalling all the fun from the trip when I bought the mug.

  • Love that shirt! It is super cute on you.

  • I went to college in central Florida so we made like 9 trips down to all the parks. I could literally spend a month's rent at Harry Potter world. Now that we've graduated and been whisked away by the Air Force, they're/have expanded it! Drats, I guess I'll just have to go back 😉

  • Love that sweater! Reminds me of my Norway sweatshirt I got at Epcot when I was there in 2004 … omg, it hit me that it's almost been a decade since I've been! Might need to rectify that!

  • How fun! I love that you set money aside for that and get an ornament. Dave and I are going to start picking up an ornament from each country we visit.

  • So cute! I need to go to Disney soon!! I have the itch. 🙂

  • Susan

    We are huge Disney fans! My teen daughter has this sweater in the green Goofy! Love it!! I hope you had fun! I think that Disney World is actually for grown ups! Susan

  • yes! so fun to have memories!

  • yes! i am afraid what we will do with our own kids 😉

  • so fun! I would love it!

  • thanks so much!

  • I know right?!!? I almost didn't get it but I HAD to!

  • thanks!! I am all about practically souvenirs!

  • That is so fun! I have been wondering about that! does everyone in the theater sing?!?! is it totally fun and magical?

  • thanks! i totally love it!

  • oh so fun! I loved them all – it was hard for me to choose!

  • I know the feeling!

  • It is always so fun to hang all the memories on the tree!

  • ah! yes! so fun.

  • I know! The expansion will not be done until June so we have to go back tooo!

  • thanks so much! it is so cozy!

  • me too. oh! i am really thinking i need to add all those wonderful state starbucks mugs to my collection!

  • thanks so much! yes! It was such a blast!

  • Everyone in the theater sings! My fiance and I were the only ones in the theater though because we watched the last showing so we were able to comfortably let it go hehe 😉 but my sister took her kids and she says everyone was really into it! I guess you have to be if you choose to watch the sing-along version!

  • I just LOVE everything about that!