it’s valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day is such a funny holiday for me. i mean, i love all reasons to celebrate so that is always a plus but i am not all crazy and passionate about this holiday. i LOVE the history (a pastor who continued to marry young couples even when the king made it illegal – cool!) i LOVE the elementary school parties (decorate your own shoebox turned mailbox and give everyone candy?!! – best!) i LOVE the fun dip valentine’s and sweetheart candies (sweet tart style!) but i am not big with the drama, the flowers, the chocolates, the expensive gifts, the fancy dates….
1. growing up valentine’s day was always a family holiday: my parents had regular date nights, celebrated their birthdays, Christmas, and their anniversary so they could afford to make Valentine’s day a family day. we ordered Chinies food, ate in on the living room floor, and shared valentine’s cards with each other. i never was on “the hunt” for something to do on valentine’s day because i always had something to do!
2. let’s skip the chocolate: and expensive gifts for that matter. i know, that sounds crazy but for us expensive gifts/ purchases are things we do together. we have a shared bank account. all our money is ours. when we do Christmas we both are allowed to spend a certain amount of money on each other. for our anniversary we plan a trip together (we love experiences and memories). i don’t want $100 flowers or need new jewelry. i am not dissing on girls who love this and feel valued by gifts like these but it is not me. i just like wonderful words in a card (or in my ear) and time together. 
3. it shouldn’t matter if you are in a relationship or not: girls, it is okay that you do not have man for valentine’s day! some of my favorite ever valentine’s day have been before i was with Bruce (even though we have had some funny married valentines days as well – chick-fil-a!). even as a married lady i give valentine’s to my friends because i love them. and everyone loves notes/ candy! it is a fun, silly, holiday. enjoy it! 
4. cards mean a lot: it doesn’t matter if you send out cards on valentines day or if you send them them after the holiday! i think one of the most valuable things are cards. personal words writen to someone. mmm… arives in the mail?!? oh! i love it all. speaking of lovely cards in the mail – some cards from Kati Ramer showed up in my mailbox. and so soon they will be back making their way to other loves of my life! 
to all you readers, single, dating, married! 
don’t stress about what “everyone else” is doing, just enjoy spending time with those you love. 
what does Valentine’s day mean to you?!
(ps: there is no wrong answer!!)

Author: Oak & Oats

  • I love Valentine's day! before I was married I hosted a big get together with my friends, bought myself an outfit, sent card and had fun.

    Now that I'm married I still love it. My husband and I ate at a steak house last weekend (giftcard) and we went to Walmart where I picked out flowers. It was fun and time together is better than any fancy pancy jewelry =)

  • I love that your family always spent Valentines day together! And I would much rather get a card with meaningful words than an expensive gift and chocolate. Happy Valentines Day!

  • Cards and letters definitely mean a lot to me! I made cards for all of my 6 little siblings this year (oh, and husband too, of course!) 🙂
    And I don't even eat chocolate, but I did buy some for my husband because he loves chocolate.

  • i agree so much with this post!!! we don't really do a whole lot on v-day because we'd rather save the money for a trip later on! plus, i've just never gotten into it that much. i don't like flowers or chocolate so that's probably why! but, cards & letters are so, so much more meaningful & i love spreading love with everyone in my life that i love dearly!

    i love that your family made it a family holiday & i definitely want to do that when i have kids!!

  • V-day means a day to be happy about. I would always get a pizza party from my parents so we celebrate it like that , together!
    It also means free amount of chocolate 😉

  • Loved this post. I love that your parents made Valentine's Day a family holiday. My mom still gives us little Valentine's Day presents and we all share chocolates and stuff. It's pretty low-key, but it's a reminder that love doesn't necessarily mean romance. 🙂

    I also love that you emphasized that it doesn't have to be for those in relationships, too. Just the reminder I needed. 🙂

    Hope you have/had a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend!!

  • This year it meant carving out time for each other in what has been a very busy season of our lives. It was a quiet night, and one I wouldn't trade for the world. Hope yours was amazing as well! xo

  • We have a set amount for Christmas and birthdays and stuff too because it is both of our money. For Valentine's Day we just get each other a card and then make dinner or something 🙂

  • Love all of these cards! Valentine's to us is a day to share with the ones you love. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  • Liz

    I don't really celebrate Valentine's day (being single doesn't contribute to that at all), but I enjoy all the candy that comes with it! I really admire what it means to you – having it as a family day is super unique, and I quite like that idea a bunch.