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Hello! I am Katie and I blog over at Katie: Normal Girl. I am excited to be here and share and exciting DIY! SO… Gather a group of friends and family because Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to host a crafter-noon. Be sure to bring the kiddos because Valentine’s Glitter Jars are great way to let them create fun gifts for their parents, grandparents and friends.

Assemble the supplies for Valentine’s Glitter Jars:

  • Jars – mason jars are great for this, along with baby food jars and any other leftover food jar that has a removable label.
  • Glitter – in assorted colors and sizes, count on 1-2 teaspoons of glitter per eight ounces of jar.
  • Glycerin – this can be found in the baking area of a grocery or craft store. It is typically used to reconstitute icing coloring that has dried out but for this project it makes the glitter fall a little slower through the water. Calculate about 1-2 tablespoons per eight ounces of jar.
  • Hot glue or water-proof craft glue – anything that will stick to glass jars and holdup in water.
  • Felt – in assorted colors for the bottoms of the jars.
  • Distilled water – found in the water aisle of the grocery store. This is different from tap, spring or filtered water. It’s purity will help prevent mold from growing in the jar.
  • Optional: Oil-based paint or colored paper – this can be used to paint or cover unsightly jar lids. If you decide to go the paper route (and let’s face it, that way is easier and cheaper, so I’m on board with that method) you can supply scissors that make pretty edges when the paper is cut, like the scalloped edges in the picture above.
  • Assorted Valentine’s Day goodies – anything pink, red or white will do the trick. We used silk flowers, cupid figurines and pictures of people (and animals) that we loved. Be sure that anything you pick is waterproof (plastic, glass, ceramic, etc). If you want to use pictures like we did, you’ll need to laminate them first.

Remove all of the jar labels, then make sure each jar is washed and dried. Set all of the Valentine’s Glitter Jar making supplies on the table and let everyone start getting creative! Fill the jars with flowers, pictures and any other bits that you like and glue each element in place. Once you’re done, add glitter to the jar and pour the distilled water almost to the top of the jar. Add about 1-2 tablespoons of glycerin per eight ounces of jar. Put the lid on and shake to mix. If you want to seal the jar, you can use hot glue but we found that we didn’t need to.

Tips for fun crafter-noon party:

  • As the hostess, I provide all of the craft supplies and each of my guests brings a snack and/or beverage for the group. This helps make sure that no one is overwhelmed with cooking, planning or expense. It’s pot-luck style crafting!
  • Cover your table (and depending on the craft, your floor) with a disposable plastic or paper table cloth to protect from glue, paint, glitter and other crafting bits.
  • Open all of the craft supplies and pour into bowls placed down the center of the table so everyone can reach them easily. If you have a long table, make two or three sets of each item and spread them out along the table.
  • Create a separate table or set of crafting bowls for any kiddos at the party so they have the freedom to mix supplies and in general be wonderfully messy.
  • Print inspiration pictures from Pinterest or other online sources showing examples of the finished craft, then post them on the wall or place them on the table for your guests to get their creative juices flowing.
  • When using adhesives, paint or other supplies that come in a container, try to provide several bottles of each so guests aren’t waiting for them.
  • It’s always good to have a few craft or foam brushes on hand for any project…there always seems to be a need!

Happy crafting and thank-you to Elizabeth for letting me share this fun project with you!

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Author: Oak & Oats