Post Office Madness

the Great Christmas Exchange 2013 is alive and kicking. even now, as we speak, packages are making their way around the world to greet unsuspecting participants (okay, so they know they will be getting a gift but they know not from who!) most of these people rushed to the post office fighting the madness that is the holiday post office madness. when i was at the post office on monday, a wise old mailman told me i came on the busiest day (and turns out i made so many of you go then too!) it is an adventure to say the least and i think it adds double the amount of love to the package (so, you’re welcome for the extra love!)

i wanted to share some of my favorites from the #greatchristmas2013 hashtag (remember to use it! it is fun!!) these ladies know how to do gifts. pretty packaging, selfies, and notes. be sure to add your favorites to your daily instagram feeds!

@shaylacornett @angharrell @kelsmcq @kskristy
@krush_717 @laceykate @chelseadcote @lytysha05

be excited because one of these lovely packages could be yours unless you did not sign up this year. if the later is the case, i recommend you sign up for the Great Christmas Exchange 2014 (BE EXCITED FOR THAT!)

EEEK! i am too excited to sleeeep!

Author: Oak & Oats

  • meg pitts

    such pretty packages! It's always a win-lose situation when you see a gift so pretty in it's packaging and don't want to mess it up!

  • so many pretty packages!!! i'm getting more & more excited about seeing all of the posts in the link up!!!

  • This is so exciting! Love seeing everything come together!