Disney World

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AHHHH! 33 days left (i’ve been counting) until the mister and i jump on an airplane and take a vacation! we planned this so that after the rush and thrill of the holidays we would still have something to look forward to! many of you know the extent of our nerdy-ness with our honeymoon to Harry Potter world, our Doctor Who obsession, and numerous Disney references so you won’t be too surprised to hear that we will be heading to Florida to spend a week in Disney World! EEEK.

PS: they also just built New Fantasyland and this girl is freaked out of her mind that she can eat in Belle’s castle and see Rapunzel tower!

don’t worry, while i am gone i have scheduled some exciting things!!! one of them being a GIVEAWAY!!!! and others being some guest posts by some of my favorites! this is an exciting opportunity to meet new bloggers, connect, and grow! and when i get back to Colorado, i’ll be documenting the adventure! 

if you are interested in guest posting, you can sign up for a place here! there are only NINE spots open and those will go fast! they are only $10 (which is the biggest bang for your buck on my advertising page!) and if you are desperate for a better deal, i am sure you can stalk my blog long enough to find a coupon code somewhere! this is a great opportunity to reach the over 1500 followers of Oak + Oats and get your blog some well deserved attention! it includes social media shout outs on the day of your post. the HTML for your guest post MUST be emailed to me no later than Saturday January 25th so that i have time to schedule it before i leave!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • agodfashionedlife

    I used to work at Disney World! You're going to love it! Have fun!


  • i'm a little bit jealous right now 🙂 that is an awesome vacation!!

  • Hope you have a blast on your trip!!

  • you worked there?!? so fun! I always dreamed of that as a kid!

  • eeek!! we are so excited!!

  • thanks lady!!

  • agodfashionedlife

    Yes, I worked there! I did the Disney College Program and did Merchandising at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom!

  • that is so fun!!!

  • Alisia

    One word…JEALOUS! I love Disney World. I could go there all the time and never get bored. And I'm so jealous you will be visiting the new Fantasyland.

  • I know!!! we are pretty pumped! only 27 days today!!!

  • Alisia

    I can't wait to see posts about the trip. I'm so glad I found your blog today.

  • Thank you for stopping by!!! It is great having new faces around!!