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i have a cold. my eyes are crusty when i wake up and my hair is matted in a nest above my head. i don’t want to get out of bed to fight my closet and beg my mascara to make my face look alive. sometimes you feel defeated even before the alarm goes off. but when you feel like you have already lost remember this truth. you are a whole lot of lovely. even when you have a cold, even when you cannot find anything to wear, even when you forget to put on your make-up. beauty is a whole lot deeper than all those things. loveliness is an attitude, a heart, and a way of life. 

happy Tuesday lovely hearts!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Nicole Franson

    Thank you for this!

  • i mean i know we love being twinkies, but you don't have to go get a cold just because i have one 😉 thanks for this, best friend. i have deinitely felt defeated before even getting out of bed the past couple days, and this was the truth i needed to hear.

  • love this so much! 🙂 thanks for the encouragement! you're right – loveliness is an attitude & we have complete control to choose it!

  • love this. hope you feel better soon!

  • Love this print! I wish I had a decent printer to get some of these myself. Hope you feel better!

  • What an encouragement! I needs for hear that this morning. I am feeling less than stellar!!

  • I hope you feel better soon, dear girl! Being sick sucks!!! You're right, though, being lovely is not an outward trait!

  • So encouraging! Love this! Feel better!

  • Jenny Fish

    This was me all weekend. Then this morning my devotional said to rejoice on days when you wake up feeling sluggish and inadequate because those are the days we are most ready to depend on Jesus with childlike trust. The days we fill empty we are in the best place to be filled with His fullness. Have a great Tuesday!

  • Amy

    ah – feel better!!! waking up like that absolutely sucks!!

  • Lauren Kruse

    So true, teaching middle school I always try to tell the girls that beauty is not about the makeup you wear but how you act towards others, that is what loveliness is! Hope you feel better! XO Lauren of http://www.cornwellfam.com

  • Thank you so much for passing along these encouraging words! Hope you get to feeling better soon. 🙂

  • this is why you rock : ) we all needed that reminder today

  • Liz Yoon

    Inspired! Thanks for sharing
    🙂 Liz