walking to the mail box

my mail box is not a traditional mail box that stands tall & elegantly at the front of my driveway. my mailbox is the large silver box that sits a couple houses down the street and forces me to make small talk my neighbors. i like that a lot. and what i like even more is that i frequently see the same people who have the same rhythm as me. they get home from work and then walk to check the mail. we all must get off work at the same time. 
every day when i begin my commute home i get excited about checking the mailbox. i pull up in front of my house, lock the car, and walk straight to the mail box. make small talk, grab my mail, and sort it as i walk through my front door. monday was a good mail day. and by good i mean made-my-eyes-water-i-was-so-touched. a sweet letter from my sister in grad school in Arkansas, a note with a starbucks gift card just because from my best friend in Kansas City, my ThredUP bag so that i can send in some of my gently used clothes, and a package from Texas. 
as i opened the gift, i was elated to see that it was a sweet gift from Ruth of Isn’t That Sew. she sent me a beautiful personalized gift along with a sweet & encouraging note. i love all of the items in her shop and i was over the moon that she wanted to give me a little piece of her talent & time. i put it on right away and Bruce asked me where i got my new necklace. i said it was a gift and he responded “it must be from someone who follows your blog or your instagram because that necklace is so you” and he is right. 
you should check out Isn’t That Sew Handmade. the holiday season is coming up and i think a personalized necklace like this would be such a great gift.

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry