has anyone heard of thredup yet?! i just discovered it the other day while browsing my istagram feed – Sarah Grace from Gracefully Made Design was talking about how she just received her bag to clean out her closet and see if she could make any money on her old clothes. i think it is a BRILLIANT idea! i am a big fan of cleaning out my closest.

SELL YOUR CLOTHES: yes! you can send in your old brand name clothing. they have pretty strict standards because they then sell them to others and are pretty much like any consignment store you try to sell to so you don’t get the original value & it may seem like not much at all (but that makes sense to me because it is used).

i just ordered a bag to mail my clothes into them (for free) and i am excited to pack up the bag that is sitting in my closet waiting to go to Goodwill. they then will look through my bag and see if there is anything they want/can buy and then donate the rest (or you can pay for shipping back to return the items they do not purchase). if i make a couple buck off these clothes than GREAT but i am not trying to sell back things to make a huge profit because i was just going to donate them anyways! haha.

BUY USED LIKE NEW CLOTHES FOR CHEAP: this part is so fun for me too. they have all kinds of clothes and great brands that are in used-like-new condition for super affordable prices because they have had previous owners. i am all about thrift store shopping and saving money  so that i get more clothes for my allowance money (and get this skirt!)! and right now you can get $10 off your first purchase (which is a pretty great deal considering the prices!)

Author: Oak & Oats

  • Veronica Lee Burns


  • 🙂 why interesting? are you unsure how you feel about it?

  • Veronica Lee Burns

    haha no I've just never heard of it…so it's interesting to me, like how they've organized it and everything. Sounds cool. I've tried selling things to consignment shops around here with not much luck so I am unsure how realistic it is that they'd keep any of it but like you said, I would just donate it anyway. interesting as in considering. 🙂

  • yeah! i am sure it is a lot like that so i am not really hopping to make millions this way 🙂 I might make nothing because really nice things I love giving to my friends! haha. so this is only everything that neither me or my friends want/ fit in 🙂 but i thought i would try. you can think about it too…. or just buy cheap clothes other people traded in!

  • Veronica Lee Burns

    True! A good place to keep in mind 🙂

  • RuthLoiacano

    I have heard of Thredup! I had done some children's wear designs for a start up company called One Jackson. It was an off shoot of Thredup. It was a super neat concept, there was a community of designers, One Jackson would post challenges and the community of artists would design. Then, the consumer community would vote on what items would be produced! I had several designs go into production. Unfortunately, One Jackson was acquired by Task Rabbit and is no more…So, the inventory went to Thredup. Check out the links…Those were products I designed! You can visit my blog link to see the original sketches!

  • This is cool! Heading there now to check it out!

  • Stacia

    Thanks for sharing! I actually have a box of stuff that I was going to take to a local consignment shop – but local means 45 minutes away to a place I rarely make it to – so this would be way easier. Like you, I was also planning on donation if they didn't want it. So this looks great!

  • Megan McIlvaine

    i'm totes doing this. just ordered my bag 🙂

  • 🙂 yeah!

  • sweet! I hope that it works out 🙂

  • it is pretty fun! I have a couple skirts in my check out basket already!!

  • RuthLoiacano

    I have heard of Thredup! A couple of years ago Thredup started a BRILLIANT offshoot company called One Jackson. It was such a neat concept!!! They provided "challenges" and a group of independent apparel designers created sketches and illustrations. Then the community of moms and the One Jackson staff would vote on which designs would be produced that season!

    Unfortunately, One Jackson was acquired by Task Rabbit and exists no more! 🙁 It was so fun while it lasted! I had about 13 designs go into production! Once One Jackson was acquired, all of the remaining stock went to Thredup.

    Check out a few of my winning designs here….

    Here's a post I did some time ago with some of the original design sketches!

  • OMG! that is so exciting! I had no idea 🙂 you are so talented little lady!!!