love with urgency

not with haste note cards by Rivers & Roads
Mumford & Sons has some of my favorite songs of all time – if you have never heard of them please spend a couple minutes (hours) on youtube listening to their enchanting music. one of my favorite Mumford songs is Not With Haste. mostly because of this line: “i will love with urgency and not with haste”
that line is ever so convicting to me because even as i sit here right now and write, i know it is easier for me to chose convenience over urgency. we only get one life. this is our only chance to love the people around us.
i put off phone calls. i put off writing notes. i put off texting or planning coffee dates. i put off date night. i put off talking to my neighbors. i put off making the effort to get to know new people – i don’t treat it as urgent. 
urgent is dinner, dishes, work, responsibilities, plans, sleep….. right?
i know that it is not true. living in this upside down Kingdom is hard. to love with urgency and not with haste means to let go. it is responding gently and with deep care. it is asking for forgiveness and following the whispers of the Holy Spirit. it is valuing people over dirty dishes. husbands over rest. friends over laundry. 
i bought these cards for reasons twofold – 
1. i want to love with urgency and not with haste. to send sweet words across the miles that separate sisters. i want cards on hand to scribble in when the Lord nudges at my heart. to love with urgency – to pass on grace, forgiveness, and hope. i don’t want to miss a moment; a moment to love.
2. i want to be an encouragement. to pass it forward. i want the calling to urgently love to spread through this community. to form habits that chose God’s heart over ours. that is filled with His love & truth and spreads the Gospel of the Love of Jesus with all those around us. 
oh, i am so imperfect but isn’t that encouraging? even in our imperfection the Lord want’s to spread His love through us. 

but he said to me, “my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” therefore i will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. – 2 Corinthians 12:9

Sweet Jesus,
thank you for the gift of today. for the gifts of grace & forgiveness. for sacrificial & unending love. today please be my strength – to love with urgency and not with haste. 

* if you want to buy some of these cards to share with those you love in your life you can find them here in Rivers & Roads Print Shop. you can also get it as a print to hang by your door to remind you to love with urgency each day. 
ps: the lie from yesterdays two truths & a lie post was #3. i’ve never been kicked out of an amusement park. i almost was once but that doesn’t count. i think i would cry if i really got kicked out – theme parks are my favorite things on earth!! (and yes, that means the others are true! i have never broken a bone and i ran over my ex boyfriend – gasp!)

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Lucy

    Such gorgeous words. I am so task orientated I find it so hard sometimes to put everything down and just stop for that one person who needs a hug or a card or a kind word sending their way. This is such good encouragement to be Jesus and re-evaluate my priorities (again). Thank you!
    Lucy xo |

  • Megan McIlvaine

    oh! i love them! is that too vain to say? 😉 thank you for taking words on a card and going so much deeper with them. those lyrics have been on my mind and heart for quite a while and i am trying to live my life in being more intentional with people. loving with urgency because i don't know how many days i have on this earth, but not with haste, because i want others to feel valued and not just something to check off my list. i want to use well the time that has been given to me.

  • This, oh, this hit me right in the chest. I've never taken the time to really let that line sink in with me — with urgency, not with haste. The magnitude in difference between the two words is amazing to think about.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  • Christina Main

    Love this post and those dang cards! (And Mumford!!)

  • the cards are the cutest right!?

  • glad you were encouraged by my conviction! it is fun to share in this together!

  • i am glad you love them. you might be getting one in the mail 😉

  • Susannah

    Those cards – and the sentement you put with them – are beautiful. This is something I needed to be reminded of!

  • 🙂 glad it could bless you!!

  • this is so great. and so true. jeremy actually did a sermon about this exact thing. he said 'don't confuse the urgent with the important'. there are so many things that can wait until another time but we often think that since it's 'urgent' then it must be 'important'. haha jeremy would be so proud that i still remember this ; ) awesome post beth

  • You are so intentional girl, I love it! I hope that you continue to feel led to bless others unexpectedly… Everyone loves mail! 🙂

  • This is so powerful. I love it! Oh, and I definitely want to buy those cards. 🙂

  • Kiki

    Ooh, this is soooo good. Having a new job means new relationships and new people to love and get to know. As an introvert, it's something that's proven to be harder for me than I ever imagined. So thank you for this sweet reminder and great words of encouragement. We really do only have one life to live and we were made to shine His light and love others. LOVED this. Like really, really loved it. 🙂

  • This is such a beautiful and powerful post! I know exactly what you are talking about – thinking about post-poning dates because I wanted to start the washing machine, it's crazy if you think about it! Thanks for reminding me to take more time for the people that are important 🙂

  • Jenny Fish

    I love when lyrics so eloquently express how I feel. Thank you for sharing – it's what I needed to hear.

  • you are so welcome sweet lady! me too. I always say that music is one of my love languages!

  • It sounds so much funnier when it comes out of my head and into words! you are so welcome! we all need the reminder!

  • yeah!!! now get some of meg's cards 😉

  • you should!!! i love all her typography prints!

  • you are such a sweet wife! and these words are so true!