mug swap link-up

when i got home from Norway i had a beautiful package waiting for me on the kitchen counter. bruce pointed it out right away and said “you got a package. i would have opened it but i know you like to take pictures of these type of things!” i laughed and grabbed my camera so that we could open it but i knew it was going to be my mug and i was so excited about it.

let me also say that my husband was jealous because he loves the community that bloggers have where they set up gift parties and send each other things in the mail as well as comment on their instagram feeds as if they were bffs! i love it too.

this mug swap all started with A Cuppa Kim three years ago because she loved mugs and giving gifts.  good ideas are always born out of passion. i just discovered the annual mug swap this year but i probably have as much excitement as those who have been in since the beginning. i also love mugs and giving 🙂 and so, without further ado, i present to you my mug swap 2013 a beautiful gift from susan of sugar beans:

Susan did such a great job and i am very happy with the 3rd annual mug swap! check out her instagram of sending the package my way here and check out Rhiannon’s instagram goodies that i sent her. be careful because you can just start clicking on instagrams and mug swaps and follow the trail for ever – it is fun to see such a long line of gift giving!

i cannot wait for next year and you should totally join when it roles around again! i am excited to start my “mug swap” mug collection!!!

PS: my super cute sweatshirt is from Lindsay Letters. i think you need it too 😉

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • so cute! love your mug AND your sweatshirt 🙂

  • Amy

    love the mug!!!!!

  • hi elizabeth… thanks for stopping by my blog earlier… this mug swap has been fun… love what you sent out and what you received… love the initial mugs… SO cute!

  • This was fun, Elizabeth! Can't wait for next year.

  • She did great! Also, I need that sweatshirt asap!!!! 🙂

  • How fun! I love your mug and love what your husband said about the blogging community (it's so true!) and the fact that he waited until you took the photo of the package to open it–I've almost got my family trained on that, too now! 🙂

  • awesome post! i love that your hubs knew you had to document opening the box! 🙂 my family is the same way.
    my dad keeps teasing me about "needing to stage" my pics. he always is "staging" his as well 😉

    anyway, how fun is this!
    actually, i'd say it's EXCELLENT 🙂

  • What an absolutely adorable mug!!! 🙂

  • Fun, Fun, Fun!! Absolutely love that mug!

  • I stopped by because of the mug swap link-up, but I just have to tell you everything is just adorable…love your blog! Such goodness!

  • what a gorgeous mug!!