fires + floods

Wild Fire Tees
Colorado is in the news again. rain has been pouring without end up and down the front range. this is the area that has been plagued with some of the most devastating forest fires Colorado has seen because of the great drought we have been remaining in. with sudden downpours and over saturated ground, the rain is flooding colorado and it is destroying. our hearts ache as three have already lost their lives and the flash flood sirens keep going off. here are some pictures of the flooding minutes from my house and there are plenty more throughout Colorado if you google them. 
Wild Fire Tees is a great company that sprang up in the midst of the Waldo Canyon Fire last year, which i was evacuated for, and they have continued providing %100 of the proceeds to fire/flood relief (Black Forest Fire in June and then the current flooding).  if you have a heart for the state of Colorado – maybe because you went to camp here, spent family vacations in the mountains, grew up here, went to college here, have close friends/ family here, or you call this place home – i encourage you to help make a difference in the community. check out their facebook and their website. this is a great way that you can help with relief efforts and show that you stand for something. i also think they are super cute. because we live within the community that was directly touched by both fires and flooding we wanted to represent both – so we got his & hers shirts!

Author: Oak & Oats

  • These are totally cute shirts. The blue one is kind of funny too.

  • Those shirts are great! I'll be praying for Colorado.
    And I don't think I've said this yet, but I LOVE the new blog design! =)

  • I got the blue one 🙂 and yes! I love 'em too!

  • I know! The blue one is a heal by humor kind of shirt! That is why I got it!

  • Thanks for your prayers and sweet words!!

  • Megan McIlvaine

    glad i could help with your fashion choices on this one 😉 i love the blue one. praying for colorado, the clean up, and all the families affected.